Xbox 360 Red Ring – Is This the End of Your 360? Find Out Here!

If you have switched on your Xbox 360 and instead of the green red light coming on the power button, then as you have probably guessed this does mean that you have a problem with your console.

So what causes the red ring to appear and how can you fix it?

Well this article will deal with those issues and let you know why the red ring appears, what it means and also tell you whether or not you can fix it!

Firstly, you are not the only one to encounter this problem and there has been numerous discussions on this topic and the Xbox 360 hardware failures. The problems are all caused by too much heat being taken by the motherboard when you play your games and this is not really anything to do with where you keep your Xbox and how long you play it for as the problems can happen on new Xbox 360's that are straight out of the box.

The problem is down to a design error and if you think about the size of the Xbox it has loads of high end components all shoved into a small area and this is too much heat and not enough cooling.

Here are 3 tings that you can try to repair this error:

1. Firstly try removing the hard drive and unplugging everything and then reconnecting everything except for the hard drive and see if this works. Sometimes the red lights can appear if there is some bad data on the hard drive. If this does work you can try reconnecting the drive again and you should be fine!

2. The second thing that you can try if the above tip did not work is to squeeze the Xbox between the DVD drive and the back. This sounds like a strange thing to do but can actually help as it realigns the hard drive again.

3. Lastly if the above 2 did not work for you then you will need to call Microsoft support and explain the error. They will probably tell you that it has to be sent away and this can take about 4 weeks! I know that it is a long time to wait but they get a ton of problems and the repair factories are overflowing with these consoles!

I hope this article has helped tell you why these errors happen and given you a few things to try before you admit defeat and have to send it off!

Happy Gaming!

Source by William Turner

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