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20 Thoughts to “WHO is this guy?! • God of War Playthrough Part 2 • PS4 Pro”

  1. I love how once you learned you could parry he only touched you like twice. LOL Flipping Dark souls players…

  2. God those Mortal Combat-esk finishing moves are so freaking brutal yet at the same exact time so freaking epic.

  3. After kill the draugr at 43:30 you can see the two last rune for the gold chest throw axe broda !

  4. find the secrets lucian. you need xps and HS.

  5. This reminds me of the old vids, the Bloodborne stuff. Please tell me you're going to make bloodborne two videos!

  6. Hello Lucian !!! U Will Go blind until the end ?
    Like vídeo 👍

  7. Damn son, Kratos is a monster. An old monster, but still a monster

  8. I think 'the stranger' is kratos son. He has the same powers and is mad because he would bring the moms ash to the mountin but now your son needs to do this. Or something

  9. Lucian my dude…
    If you wanna please the crowd, say "craytos".
    If you wanna say it correct, keep saying "Kratos".
    Anyway it doesn't matter 🙂
    We are just here to watch the vid. The dudes that will give you shit on the name topic.. Screw them.

  10. Balder is the One of the Norse gods that is basically the good son of Odin and golden image of any Norse god and is like by all Norse God's "execpt for Loki" of course because he was killed by him in Norse mythology not directly but by blind brother of Balder.

  11. I love just watching this game. It's quite fun.

  12. Love Ur vids , i am showing so love 😂♥️

  13. Brawlhalla community colors on those videos too?

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