Which new game should I try in January?

I usually only let myself buy at most one new game per month. January is going to be a challenge. Resident Evil 2 Remake and Ace Combat 7 are both games I’ve had my eye on for a long time. But the hype for Kingdom Hearts 3 is getting to me, and even though I’ve never played a game in the series, I’m thinking about maybe trying that one first. I also never played Tales of Vesperia, but that one doesn’t seem as enticing to me as the other three.

What about you guys? Which game(s) are you planning on picking up? What are you looking forward to about these or other games releasing in early 2019?

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10 Thoughts to “Which new game should I try in January?”

  1. I would avoid Kingdom Hearts 3 if you haven’t played any others. The story is very dense and every prior entry does impact the overall arch. Plus it is a very unique kind of game to play that may not be your style. Try the others first.

  2. – Kingdom Hearts 3
    – REmake 2
    – Ace Combat 7
    – Tales of Vesperia (Definitive Edition)

    Going for all 4. RIP my wallet.

  3. Metro exodus if that’s coming out in jan but I’m not sure if it is

  4. Tales of and Resi7
    March DMCV and Sekiro

  5. Tales of Vesperia is great if you like JRPGs/ARPGs.

  6. wait for metro exodus in february

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