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48 Thoughts to “Where’s Routine? (UPDATE From Lunar Software 2017)”

  1. How is Mick Gordon working on this game if he's working on Doom 2. Like it's been close to 6 years in development and, Doom (2016) came out, and Mick worked that game too. So I don't see him working on this game right now. Also I can't find that where it says Mick Gordon is a part of the team.

  2. This video deserves more views, the fact that Lunar Software responded by saying "still in development" is the biggest light at the end of the tunnel we have. Praise the sun

  3. I’m amazed how Mick Gordon got on into the team.

  4. This is the closest thing to a System Shock 2 remake I've ever seen. It's the only thing that comes close to that in Soundscape, mood, etc other than Alien Isolation and maybe Deadspace. This looks so much better than Prey even.. just too bad the dev doesn't seem to really want to finish it. If he cared, there would be attempts to make some money for the developement like Kickstarter, talking to community, showing some updates, taking feedback, putting out an Alpha, etc.. Something to show you really care about the project and mean to finish it.

  5. tbh, i worried the team don't have enough money that they work on other jobs or something then use that money to work on this game.

  6. I don't get why people think Routine is made obsolete by Aliens and SOMA. Routine has a very different feel to it. It gives you an odd sense of security, knowing malfunctioning robots are the only source of threats and nothing is actually out to get you. Yet, there's also a sense of dread, knowing the possibility that there may be more out there than just malfunctioning robots. Aliens and SOMA doesn't have this feeling because the threats are clearly identified in those games. Just crazy monsters out to get you.

    Really hope Routine makes it to release. Even with what little footage the game has, it's bone-chillingly good at mixing atmospheric horror and subtle jumpscares that make you feel stupid for even flinching. I've never seen anything like it.

  7. I remember hearing about this 4 years ago when I graduated high school and I just got a new computer and steam account. It looks incredible and scary.

  8. What keeps mestill wanting and waiting for Routine is that it's an (1) open world (2) permadeath (3) retro sci-fi (4) survival (5) horror game…and (6) I want to know more about that little four-legged Mac SE/30. Nothing else out there offers all that, especially the permadeath which makes a game extremely tense. Still looking forward to this game.

  9. I remember way back when "I think it was at around the early 90's "sure I be really ole" anyway where was I? oh-I know!..
    And a Game developer went through much the same trauma, and he nearly gave up on finishing his game, alas the game engine he used let him down and it didn't sell as expected, but even so for me it was a great game that got me interested enough to try Half life which was a great success.. say whuh now? yeah-yeah so I be push-n 70 so whuh of it.. 😀

    I hope these Game Developers keep at it, and I also hope the game engine and their Dev's iron out what is holding back their clients game, speaking of which, any idea what Game engine this game is relying on?

  10. By the time it comes out (if it does) it's just going to be antiquated

  11. Shared and liked. Do more stuff like this and ill forsure sub

  12. The only mistake this small, hard working team made was giving a release date. The longer this game gets polished the greater it will shine.

  13. Though this is an outdated video, I think it's awesome that you reached out and got a response. I personally don't care about dead lines and date's art cannot be rushed.

  14. Crossing fingers, hoping this comes out in 2018 at some point.

  15. the community is toxic and it's to blame the developers and only the developers. Game's community depends on the communication between the devs and its fans. If there is no communication of course people will be angry and confused. I was a bit bitter myself as well about a year ago when this game was supposed to be released in March. Now I just don't care, it's not coming out, it's just not happening, the devs fucked with us for like 6 years straight, kept doing false promises, lied and lied and lied and that's all they did. Now finally they are quiet coz they know they can't lie anymore, no one will believe their bullshit except for few. You know a game is in a very sad state when there is more activity on some random dude's youtube page than on their own page or reddit.
    I just don't understand why anybody in the right mind still believes this game is coming out. There is 0 indication that it's ever happening. I think it's best to just get over it already and wait for "real" horror games that are actually in development like Alison Road, Visage, Call of Chtulhu.

  16. Heya….

    Keep the comments civil. I do read them occasionally and I am quite shocked about some of the more recent ones that I have received. Channeling your anger towards me doesn't help a thing. I am not affiliated with Lunar at all. I am just a fan waiting for this game. Just. Like. YOU!

    Insulting or offensive comments will be removed. (Removed quite a few already)

  17. I too am very disappointed in the delay of this game, but I'm pretty sure it'll be with us sometime on 2018. Gut feeling, so you're all invited to doubt the hell out of that, but I just can't imagine they'll just abandon everything for good or need more than a couple of months finishing. I think it really had to do with personal setbacks.Also, you, Mr. McStufffin, did really well putting this together. You also did well in the vo department. I do voice overs for a living and I really thought you did a distinctly better job than many folks on YT just speeding through their vids in order not to loose their add crowd. Nicely done. Keep it up.

  18. Hey a bit of constructive criticism. You should try not to do any weird interruptions or breaks before giving out the main info. Secondly it’s nothing to do with your voice but the tone is really confusing.

  19. these gie talks so slowly even on double speed.

  20. I want this game ever since i saw it, and it looks more interesting to me than Alien and SOMA (even tho they are great games). I dont like the tone of that mail though. Especially not "…so we can shit the damn game". "Damn game"? Doesnt sound like a labor of love. More like a PITA that has cost them a lot of money, problems and sleepless nights (or something in that direction). Could also of course just be the tone/style the guy who wrote the mail has.

    Anyway, i hope they complete the game, and i hope they manage to pull it off in a neat package of story, creep, scares and mechanics. 🙂

  21. Fuck i want this game to be done

  22. I wonder if there testing the game so there’s no glitches that might explain the delays

  23. The fact that they could of posted something like this to their twitter or whatever account within minutes makes me not take this email seriously. I'll believe it when I see it.

  24. thanks for the video and update! I'm looking forward to this game — have been for years. I can wait a few more. Too many games I've played would have benefited highly from longer development time.

  25. Honestly I forgot all about this game until I opened up my old laptop and had a routine wallpaper. Thank you for the information I have been so excited for this game for so long and it sucks hard that it keeps getting pushed back. Good content dude.

  26. I had a case of the happy up until 7:28, then after about 10 seconds it came back

  27. Hope this isn’t another no man’s sky they haven’t shown us anything and they don’t seem like proven developer like hello games were. Like no man’s sky it doesn’t show anything

  28. This has been in development for 6 FREAKING YEARS NOW.
    I really hope this game is worth it don’t let this be a disaster

  29. This game being honest here
    Is a big online Cock tease
    Sometimes it comes back
    And it's gone again

  30. Been watching this game yea i seen all the hateful comments due to the fact of release dates issues. Same go for Visage these 2 games tend to not release when they said they would.

  31. It`s coming when it`s ready. I´m keep on looking forward to the day of release for years but i can wait as long it will take 🙂 ps.: Thanks for the video Mcstuffin, great work!

  32. This game was supposed to be an amazing contender for the year but SOMA and Alien Isolation took the spots, I feel like they wanted to beat Routine to it… but it's still got a chance at being a great title in 2018, given the polish to graphics, gameplay and doing something different.

  33. useless video it doesnt prove shit, where is new media ? exactly there is shit new to show because this game is abandonware anyone belive this is coming out is a fool lol!

  34. This still looks like a quality game, and I still believe it will deliver!

  35. Thank you for making this video and giving us the information! I was so worried i'd never see this game! YOU CAN DO IT LUNAR!

  36. It's hard not to give them any support, considering 3 individual people working their asses off to deliver this game to us, imagine three people developing a near AAA game quality, give them some break guys. happy holidays lunar software and good luck with the game, i hope it's all good, and i can't wait to play the game, and thank you Phd Mcstuffin for the update.

  37. I think this game will be released in 2027

  38. And it will be good and cool game

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