What’s a setting you’ve never seen a game do that’d you’d love?

A GTA style game set in rural Ireland where you go around fighting scumbags and calling out people to fight. Full of cans, cocaine and hash. Melee focused because guns aren’t common.

A game set in the 1800’s where aliens invade. Like Cowboys vs Aliens but actually good.

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80 Thoughts to “What’s a setting you’ve never seen a game do that’d you’d love?”

  1. Star Wars in a Skyrim/Fallout style. No multiplayer required.

  2. It’s been done before, but not for a very long time, and there’s a lot that could be done within its universe:


  3. A RPG in the Harry Potter world. You create your character, go to Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, go to classes, can join clubs, Quidditch trials and join the team if you reach certain points, you can go to the Forbidden Woods or the Third Floor (but they can take points from you if get caught), etc (sorry the bad english)

  4. I would love a Vikings setting for a future assassins creed game. Would also love a 1940s open world Dick Tracy game. Old cars, pin up style women, and crazy looking mob bosses to take down.

  5. A cops and robbers style game set in the deep mountains, kind of like where the First Blood movie was set but no small town.

  6. Medieval fanstasy horror game. King’s Field was the one that came close to that. Amnesia TDD did too kinda. Preferably if it was an rpg.

    I also wanted to say, a game that takes place shortly after the creation of the world. You know how like in Dark Souls you hear about the beginning of the age of fire alot? Or how in TES series, there’s the Dawn Era? Why can’t there be a game that’s set during that time. That would be cool. There could be a lot of crazy stuff that the player sees, the kind of thing that becames a legend, or fable.

  7. Chicago. I know a few games has Chicago as it setting, but none of them do it any justice.

  8. A GTA game that takes place in the GTA (greater Toronto area).

  9. Medieval China and Golden Age Baghdad in a game like Assassins’s Creed, which tries a *bit* to be historically-reasonable

  10. Battlefield style game that’s medieval setting. Two teams line up in a field and run at each other and sword fight/cavalry/archers/trebuchets. Add in castle defense using rainbow6-esque gameplay with set up time and attackers/defenders.

  11. I would love a GTA Simcity/Skylines crossover genre. Build the city you want and be able to dick around in it and help with traffic congestion by blowing up the cars.

    Areas with lower crime rate would ofc have more police and be challenging. Places without a garbage truck route would be dirtier. Or destroy wind turbines you built and see the effects of that in first person.

    I think it would be cool to see how “gta” would play if you were limited to a small trailer park, versus a traffic plagued city.

  12. I really want a good single player pirate RPG.

    Bethesda made a Pirates of the Caribbean for the original XBOX and while it had flaws the setting made it awesome.

    I’d love something like that. Skull of Bones might be like that? But too soon to tell.

  13. Blade runner game. Not a game that adapts the story from one of the movies, but an original story that is set in the same universe. I’m aware that there was a point and click game in the 90s, but I want a legitimate, modern, open world, combat-based game.

  14. I’d like to see more games similar to Until Dawn, a survival Purge game ~~and a survival dinosaur game. Aside from Horizon zero Dawn, and that’s a stretch I know, there hasn’t been any good recent dinosaur games. A game like HZD but with actual dinosaurs would be pretty cool.~~ (Forgot about Monster Hunter World and Ark)

  15. a game on a beach near a lighthouse that has some naval stuff. you can live in a lighthouse and do other things. some sort of an open world adventure

    and a priate game as well.

  16. A legit third-person, open world Pokemon RPG on console.

  17. A JRPG where you actually are the villan and destroy the world no i Don’t mean disgaea style I mean your the big bad guy from the beginning and have to destroy towns heroes armies ect

  18. A battle royale style game where you play as one of millions of sperm inside of a woman, battling it out to see who is worthy of that egg.

  19. I doubt many would agree but I would like more open world games similar to GTA or assassin’s Creed in other European locations that haven’t been done like Portugal, Ireland and Spain. I loved AC2 set in Rome and wanted to play the AC set in Paris but read it was a glitchy disaster. A noir game set in Porto or Barcelona would be cool at least I think so.

  20. I’ve always wanted a game where you play a Native American warring with other tribes, long before the Europeans showed up.

  21. GTA in space. Maybe on a large space station or a few planets. I guess Mass Effect? But with a lot more freedom to go anywhere.

    Marvel vs. DC fighting game

    Marvel RPG

    Another game most would find boring is one that’s based around Google Maps. It’s built on exploration, so you have all the map data of Google Maps, but in videogame form. The game size would be massive, but you could travel on foot, bike or car in basically a Google Earth simulator, except a lot of places are open and you can go inside. Oh you would be able to fly too. A deep exploration game like that can be very soothing when you wanna de-stress a bit.


  22. I would like a game that focused on the Archemenid Persian Empire and the Rise of Cyrus the Great, and the continued Prosperity under Darius before Xerxes destroyed the empire with his petty petulance.

  23. I’m still waiting for a Korean War FPS

  24. Bas Lag from the novel trilogy written by China Mieville would be my first choice. Amazing world. Probably the closest thing to date would be Bloodborne.

  25. I want the nemesis system from the Mordor games in another setting, maybe a Drug War open World or in a Mafia Setting (or Biker gangs). Conflicts between parties where you a player can influence a little bit and then watch what happens between those parties (e. g. kill a high rank boss and see the low level mobsters fighting for that position).

  26. Afrofuturistic setting. I want open world Black Panther basically. Wish i knew code better

  27. A single player RPG in like 10,000 B.C. would be pretty sweet. Just staying alive against the elements and wild animals. Having to deal with crazy wandering tribes. Looking for a jungle woman to start a family with.

  28. Has there been a good open world Aztec game? Or Mayan? Something in the jungles of Mexico or South America during that time period would be so cool

  29. I want more games set in Japan that 1. aren’t anime aesthetic 2. aren’t just hack n slash and 3. aren’t in Tokyo. I’ve heard that some of the Yakuza games take place in Osaka, which is cool to me. Kuon is another good example, it’s a horror game set in a mansion in Kyoto. But I’d be really excited for an open world game, like Red Dead Redemption, that was set in ancient Japan. I can imagine traveling by horse between villages and stuff, going to shrines, etc. It could re-create some famous sights in Kyoto, like Fushimi Inari. Agh that sounds so amazing. Anyways, Ghost of Tsushima is coming out and that looks like it might scratch a similar itch, too bad we don’t know when though…

    edit: Re-wrote a lot of the post for clarity and expanded on some ideas.

  30. Rick and morty game in the style of South Park stick of truth!!!! I’ve been dreaming about it forever!

  31. Take the engine used in Uncharted 4 and use it with a franchise like Predator. Players can be human protagonists or Predator. Climbing, jumping and mud camouflage in that engine would look and feel great. Combine it with a story similar to the original film and you’d have my $60.

  32. i want a RPG that really challenges today’s issues in a fantasy setting.

    i remember xenogears for ps1. There were some talks of banning it due to the relimgious references, well fuck all religions. i want a game that has no taboos, no sugarcoating, no toning down due to religios groups and what not.

    its a video game, i want social stigmas to be pushed to the boundaries.

  33. An RPG where your main goal in the beginning is to aquire relics required for near end game progression. Said relics are the most important of multiple crafting materials needed for synthesizing (projects), “skins, abilities, vehicles, mounts, weapons, minions, pets, housing and additional material”.

    In a finished state, the aforementioned projects can be traded with other players in the optional online game mode. They may also be redeemed at various NPC’s in exchange for possibly rare scale-based relics, depending on the quality/rarity of the finished products.

    Every month there will be, “Highlight” crafts introduced into the game provided by the fan base and community. Either contests or popular proof of concepts will determine which highlights will be used.

    The maps are Ever Changing in this world where the scenery never stays the same on a day-to-day, week-to-week or month-to-month basis.

    Part of the main story involves your character trying to understand why the environment cycles often and how this happened to start with.

    Once a map has been fully surveyed, you may toggle through them any time at your will. Coordinates remain the same in the world. None the less, players do not need the same map toggled as others to encounter one another on the servers.

    An in-game store will be accessible for optional real money purchases. Rare Maps, Crafts, Bonus Experience Points and much more. The game is not pay-to-win, as such there will be emphasis on, “Purely Aesthetic Items”.

  34. A Batman Game Horror Style Where You play as a bad guy and see batman as a demon it would be like a horror FPS

  35. Assassins Creed in China, Japan, or Korea

    and not the 2d side scroller type

    even better: Japanese reign in Korea between 1910-1945 that way we get exposed to both cultures in a single game

  36. I want some sort of FPS or 3rd Person shooter, but an Aquaman style game where it all takes place under water. Would be sweet swimming to objectives and duking it out using water based powers n weapons.

  37. I’d like to see a mega tower setting game, like.judge dredd

  38. >A GTA style game set in rural Ireland where you go around fighting scumbags and calling out people to fight. Full of cans, cocaine and hash. Melee focused because guns aren’t common.

    GTA: Carlow

    You have to do missions for Mary in the post office while fending off local knackers. Side missions would include selling carpets and tarmacing people’s driveways around the county.

  39. The Matrix but the nemesis system involves Agents.

  40. What if red dead redemption 2 is gonna have that dlc you just described? Kinda like undead from rdr 1


    You, a scrappy human without the firepower or technology to engage in the conflict fly your ship into and around the battle trying to loot the wreckage.

    Dodge beam weapons!

    Dodge flak!

    Play it safe and collect scraps or take big risks and dive into the crossfire to beat the competition and snag the snazziest salvage.

    Take out your competition without witnesses and make sure they don’t do the same to you!

    Sell that technology or, if you’re wealthy enough, hire a team to unlock the secrets of alien technology and put it to your own use.

    I call it – DETRITIVORE.

  42. A war drama similar to gundam but with a unique world an characters. Think like Evangelion or Macross meets Legend of the Galactic Heroes

    Contemporary traditionally fantasy game think like skyrim/world of darkness, but set in the modern world and day, yes I know The Secret World exists but it was also not good.

  43. Teslapunk London but good this time.

  44. Why Ireland though? It’s not so much different than other modern days European countries.

  45. I want to see a Quantic Dream-ish narrative game in a David Cronenberg type body horror world.

    I just really want Videodrome: The Game

  46. Top down shooter like helldivers but vietnam.

  47. I would like to see graphics settings

  48. I want more games set in bayous or just really dense, thick forests in general. Places like Oregon, Upper Michigan, Louisiana, Northern Minnesota, etc.

    Not just “a field with trees”, I mean a place with trees so high you can barely see the sky. With wildly varying elevation, twisting paths, a thousand tiny lakes and rivers, etc.

  49. I would love to see a first- or third-person shooter set in the C&C/Red Alert universe.

    Imagine riding those rocket-launcher bikes, calling in GDI’s Ion Cannon as your killstreak, being the engineer who takes over an enemy building. Matches would involve destroying enemy harvesters and MCVs, battling through the Tiberium fields in hazmat suits, and meeting the requirements to build new kinds of advanced vehicles.

  50. Inside the human body. Basically the game Inner Space.

  51. a RPG set in the world of One Piece. It has over 900 chapters and its ending is not happening anytime soon. I bet it’ll take around 70 hours to finish

  52. I would like Bethesda to take on the Shadowrun universe.

  53. Brazil, all the major cities right by the mountains and jungle would be really fun.

  54. Retro sci fi a la 2001 Space Odyssey setting

  55. Not that its not been seen but I’d love a Silent Hill 1-3 game on current gen hardware.

  56. There was a TV show from the 90s called M.A.N.T.I.S. I always thought had the potential to make a good game.

  57. Assassin’s Creed in feudal Japan ffs

  58. Has there been any games where you are somehow microscopic and the world is the inside of a human body?

  59. A couch coop game which is a mash up of burnout paradise and time crisis. One player has to do the driving while the other (optionally with VR) updates them with what they can see and also shoots the bad guys.

  60. Battlefield bad company with far cry gameplay, open world gameplay with destruction and a bad company story, liberating fortress and getting better weapons with lots of different vehicles to navigate the map

  61. Technology has finally started to get to the point where we could have “2001: A Space Odyssey” as a game in the style of “Everybody Has Gone to the Rapture” — in VR. Somebody needs to make this happen. My life cannot be complete until it does.

  62. City/Country building simulation in high fantasy setting.

  63. Open world RPG set in rural England in the 50/60s based on you being a private detective, large towns being the hub of the game with day and night cycles, weather elements and a slight supernatural element. Coastal areas, wooded areas and period buildings and villages full of mystery and intrigue. Kind of like Layton and Broken Sword mixed with LA Noire and Arkham in a GTA style free roam world. The story involves a main investigation/mystery and you can activate other investigations. Lots of puzzles and dialog options, melee based combat with bottles, wooden planks and bricks etc. Stealth element and lots of going beyond the boundaries of the law. Give it an awesome Downton Abbey style soundtrack and awesome voice acting and a cool general theme for text and menus. Like playing Inspector Morse, Midsummer Murders, Indiana Jones and Tintin!

  64. I like isometric games but they pretty much all seem to be set in a fantasy/medieval world. I’d love a modern set gangster type game/GTA thing but isometric. A port of Sensible World of Soccer. best footy game ever. Some sort of Vikings Assassins Creed game would be cool (I believe someone else mentioned that below).

  65. i want rockstar to do what they did with the wild west but with pirates or rome

    come on red dead whys the rum gone

    grand theft chariot

  66. The Rambo series, I mean why hasn’t someone cashed in on that? I think NES might have been the last time. One man army meets open world. And ppl have no idea that Rambo popularized it…

  67. There was a game called The Saboteur last gen and you were in an open world gta style germany liberating it from nazi reign. It was hugely underrated. Its a fantastic game.

  68. Turn based strategy Steampunk game, story heavy like FFT, with a focus on crafting.

  69. The saboteur is set in Ireland, if I’m not wrong. It is a GTA like game, try it!

  70. Cyberpunk but with group collectives. Like Sense 8 or JOIN. Make it open world but with a wait feature, so you can worm your way into corporations over decades and take them down with all your aquired skills. You could flip perspective and AI can run your other PCs.

  71. I want a souls borne game where ranged combat is the focus and you can pull up an aiming reticle during combat . Of course melee will be equally Important

  72. Greek mythology with the Greek pantheon of gods and a Nemesis-like system which allows humans to rise to the level of demi-god and god . Main story would have Greek mythological storylines interwoven throughout it to create conflict and decision-points which would be free-form. Could challenge certain demi-gods/gods to take over their dominion. Could pray to certain gods for certain perks. Kind of a more fluid God of War+Nemesis system concept

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