WE FOUND TGFBRO!! *won hide and seek* (Exploring Abandoned Factory)

I’ll update y’all on the £1000 lmao Tgf tgf tgf tgf Drop a like/comment and subscribe! Intro: Stephen – Crossfire pt.2 PS4 Accounts: – Motmus – MOTMUS_YT …


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26 Thoughts to “WE FOUND TGFBRO!! *won hide and seek* (Exploring Abandoned Factory)”

  1. He was using ghost organisation

  2. "Bro dont post anything" lol as if.

  3. Im confused 😐🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️

  4. Your not gonna get the money haha

  5. You didn’t win, lol. You found them before they hid. The winner was already awarded

  6. What song is in the background at 8:15

  7. Motmus I couldn’t exactly see your snap name

  8. Which one is you Motmus?

  9. I would've told like my mate or something to come to this spot after. To get another grand. Finesse the system

  10. ACW

    I want to know what those graffiti words mean.

  11. Makes me wonder at 6:35 why is someone's face blacked out… Is that really Motmus and he is just asking his friends to be in the video to portray as being him..? Confusion at its finest!😂

  12. watch out for those hydra fags

  13. congrats for winning and not spoiling it for everyone please go out to eat or something to celebrate when you get the real money, I dont know what type of content you make but this video was edited nice and I like the music choices

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