Watch Dogs BAD BLOOD Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – NEW DLC (T-BONE)

Watch Dogs Bad Blood Walkthrough Part 1 – Watch Dogs Bad Blood Gameplay PC CHEAP SEASON PRICE LINK – FOLLOW …


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33 Thoughts to “Watch Dogs BAD BLOOD Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – NEW DLC (T-BONE)”

  1. Really enjoyed watching watch dogs can't wait to play it watch dogs 2 is a lot of fun

  2. They should make Jordi playable next!!

  3. Ok, I have Bad Blood downloaded, but in this game menu, it doesn't appear "Watch_Dogs® Bad Blood".
    What to do to make it appears, and finally can play this DLC ?

  4. goddammit what I'd give to find a gameplay video that DOESNT have someone talking

  5. I am so exited and I cannot just. Hid it

  6. I have the season pass but it won't let me get the DLC

  7. Loved the original game, was freakin awesome! Not a fan of DLC's I've found out.

  8. Watch Dogs the game where you can't push the button on an elevator

  9. Watch dogs was rubbish my game broke within a day

  10. Lol…the door on the red car you were driving…great game though, played the first one, I'm glad they came out with new content.

  11. Hey +GameRiot, could you include in the future a link for your playlist in the description please? It's just because it's a bit quicker than searching around for it. Thanks.

  12. I lub this game I subbed I went watch dogs dlc your the best at this and the only 1 that will do the gameplay through the whole game yayayay

  13. I wish that it would be also available for pc

  14. Why the fuck isn't it out yet !!

  15. I told my friends that you were an old MLG gamer cause I showed them your Destiny videos and they agreed and said it was your aim.

  16. Liked the game for a week then it just got old havnt touched it since

  17. Can you have a sims 4 episode

  18. why does it say on top aiden pearce new game…0_0

  19. This is going to be an awesome series watch dogs is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Does Anyone else get a GTA San Andreas vibe here reminds me of the mission u do for T-Bone Mendes think that's his name, still looks a fun DLC to play.

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