VR Fitness Series Week 10 – VR Fitness Insider Challenge: BoxVR

So here we are in week 10 and this week we are going back to playing our favorite VR workout game BoxVR. So far in this series we have played and evaluated …


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6 Thoughts to “VR Fitness Series Week 10 – VR Fitness Insider Challenge: BoxVR”

  1. Just curious…How do you record a stationary view of the game?

  2. You have to treat yourself once in a while. And, dark chocolate is good for you.

  3. I got BOXVR a few WEEKS ago, one of your videos helped me make the jump. Found it so addictive!
    I may have to get in on the challenge

  4. Sorry to burst your ORBS guys, but I’m taking this prize….!

    Stacey I got your score beat, so you better fix your tracking problem, and Don that streak you had going is gonna be hard to top but I'm! Thanks for the info.

    See you guys at the top! 🏆

  5. Great stuff. This inspiring for a chunk like me 😀

  6. Lets go team, still looking great!!

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