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15 Thoughts to “[Video] RPG Maker MV coming to PS4 in 2019”

  1. This will fall face first without external assests and scripting.

  2. Seems pointless with Sony’s stance on no outside assets.

    All you’ll be able to make are stock experiences that already come with the game.

    Seems pointless but I guess it can be fun if you just want to practice making a game.

  3. I’d play around with this, seems fun.

    Can I make a SPorts RPG with it? That’s kind my dream, I know it’s dumb.

  4. Can’t believe they’ve already made 1004 of these

  5. I must have missed the previous 1004 iterations I guess

  6. Sony need to allow external assets in order for this game to truly flourish

  7. Day 1 buy for me. I LOVED the old RPG makers and sunk hundreds of hours into them. OI cant wait to do it all over again. For me it’s not about making the next great RPG it’s about having an outlet for creative thought.

  8. Compton Caper RPG coming in 2019!

  9. Great news, I will buy RPG MAKER MV on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

  10. How can they even market this as a game? I honestly can not imagine how this would work on a console unless they allow full keyboard control and custom assets. It’s like if they announced they were releasing Adobe Premiere for PS4 or Microsoft Excel for Xbox One. It’s not even in the Games section of Steam, it’s under “Software”.

    Even if you could use a keyboard RPG Maker MV is best used on PC 90% of the time minified in the background while you write Javascript in VSCode or draw pixel art in Photoshop. The only time you typically don’t have RPG Maker minified is when you’re typing out all the dialogue, editing your Javascript plugins, or laying out maps – and even all of that stuff has been relegated to outside tools for most people.

  11. Geeze, why announce this so early?

  12. Do they know that Dreams is coming out? And that Sony won’t allow custom assets for this one, while in Dreams, you can create your own assets…

    I liked twisting RPMaker into something else through scripting, which won’t be possible because of Sony, so this just looks dead on arrival.

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