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56 Thoughts to “[Video] Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) 1960’s Retro Trailer”

  1. Insomniac and/or Sony, hire this person! Legit thought this was an original trailer done in-house. Got me hyped all over again

  2. Oh boy that music. Old school.

  3. That is not official ? Omg that is so cool. Send it to Sony. It is perfect !

  4. Best trailer 😉 would be amazing if you could
    play with that filter !!!

  5. I would pay many monies for Spider-Man dlc that put you in different eras. 30s-40s Noir, this type of 50s-60s, groovy flashy lights in the 70s-80s, and grunge 90s-00s

  6. Should cross post this to /r/gaming they love this stuff

  7. The filter at 0:15 had me thinking it was the venom suit…

  8. This is the best possible trailer. So much fun

  9. this is goddamn amazing, id love to see a version with the 90s theme

  10. God I hope this game lives up to the hype. Spiderman 2 on the PS2 was amazing when I played it, no Spiderman game I’ve played since as recaptured that magic.

    Come on Sony, you can do it. Deliver a Spiderman game for me to obsess over for months!

  11. This game is gonna be dope af

  12. Hahaha F’n great trailer!

  13. Wait, is Miles Morales here?

  14. Shame there’s not a retro costume, or at least one shown in the trailer.

  15. Very impressive fan trailer! Honestly, one of the best I’ve ever seen.

  16. Fantastic! That theme song brought some old memories flooding back, from when I was a bed wetter and would watch the campy spider-man show to comfort myself.

  17. Insomniac might be contacting you soon about a possible position in the company. Just be on the lookout!

    For real though, this got me more excited for the game than any of the official trailers. I can totally see this being used for the rest of the summer to promote the game.

  18. If only the movies were as good as this trailer for the game!

  19. Love it! Can’t fucking wait!

  20. There are 7 down votes on this video on YouTube. A.M.A request to those 7 people…..why? Who wrong you today? It certainly wasn’t this excellent piece of art.

  21. Holy shit this has me hyped more than anything so far shown

  22. Would love to see one done to the 90s cartoon theme.

  23. Imagine if they include a filter that makes the entire game cel-shaded…. oh!

  24. Random thought: Has there ever been an Insomniac game that had songs from Insomniac by Green Day? Let me swing to Geek Stink Breath and No Pride!

  25. After seeing this, I wanna play the game with a ’60s filter mode. I dunno why but goddamn do I want that

  26. This got me more interested in the game than all the official trailers combined

  27. Anyone remember this show from the 70’s, yes I’m showing my age here, hahahahaha

  28. Neversoft actually had the ’60s theme in their game. I hope Insomniac has a ’60s Spider-Man costume as an unlockable.

  29. I can only become so erect.

  30. Spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a Spider pig does.

  31. Amazing trailer. Would play the frick out of a 60s filter mode

  32. Can we get a spiderman game/movie in the 60’s please

  33. Take fucking money now!!!

  34. I can’t fucking wait anymore!!!

  35. God I hope this song is in the game somewhere.

  36. Did we ever figure out what the 3rd pre-order costume was?
    We have the Punk costume. Iron Spider or whatever. Then what’s the last one?

  37. This is amazing hats off to you !

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  39. Such good memories recalled of laying around watching the old VHS tapes of the animated show. Man that was trippy, Wonka-in-the-tunnel trippy.

  40. Love this! Send this to Insomniac games! Im sure they’ll love this.

  41. I am super excited for this game.

  42. $60 for this game is worth it

  43. Please bring this to Xbox 🙁

  44. Can you put not official in title ?

  45. The sound levels are jus atrocious.

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