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21 Thoughts to “[Video] Colin Moriarty’s E3 2018 Predictions”

  1. Man I miss him and Greg. When Colin said that he reached out to Greg and Greg didn’t want to talk to him I got so sad. I’ve been listening to them together since elementary school.

    Edit: [Here]( is the link to the video I’m referring to.

  2. I enjoy the usual prediction model, but I also think Colins method here is interesting and a worthy supplement to others outlets traditional predictions.

  3. Maybe some day we can have a discussion about Colin’s points and the content of his videos when they’re posted here instead of just devolving into meaningless, trite arguments about him and Greg.

    Someday… But it is not this day.

  4. ITT: Sad children unable to let two men move on who are both clearly ready to move on.

  5. It’s so weird. I went from liking Greg and tolerating Colin to liking Colin and not watching Greg anymore.

  6. Everyone on this thread: fuck Colin! No, fuck Greg! No, fuck Colin! No, fuck Greg!

  7. Holy shit, Colin has his own channel? Time to finally unsub KF.

  8. Damn these comments are toxic as hell

  9. 1 million troops, WOOOOW!!!

  10. The Pride of Long Island!

  11. Firewall filter at work. Can someone give me a summary?

  12. Am I the only one who has a strong dislike of Colin Moriarty?

    EDIT: Gimme your downvotes, fools! Your disapproval means nothing to me.

  13. Can’t watch the video, can someone summarize please?

  14. I disagree that metroid isn’t a system seller, but great points and video overall.

  15. Love how Colin’s E3 predictions made it here rather than Kinda Funny’s :).

  16. daily reminder that this is the guy that shat on gamers during the me3 debacle, the “entitled” guy

  17. After I found out he was paid for half of his game reviews, I’ll never watch or listen to this man again.

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