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20 Thoughts to “UK Charts: God of War beats Donkey Kong to No.1 for third week in a row.”

  1. god of war is usually not that big in europe out of all sony franchises. so good news

  2. Doesn’t surprise. I don’t think that many people want to pay $60 for a port of a game that wasn’t even $60 when it originally came out

  3. I think this goes to show that when enough love, respect, time, and money goes to a franchise it will make history. It goes to show that all these games with micro transactions will never be in the history books of a must own game of the generation instead it is the story games that give an experience that wouldn’t find in any other form of entertainment

  4. I thought its literally Kratos fights and beats Donkey Kong lol

  5. Ya, I don’t think a single person expected any different results.

  6. it’s a masterpiece everyone should play it.

  7. This isn’t surprising at all really. 70 million PS4s out there and a brand new game in the series vs a port of a game in a series not nearly as popular that dropped down to 20 bucks on the previous console but now selling for 60. I passed on DKTF even though I really want to play it.

  8. I mean, you’re comparing a new game to a port.
    Of course it would beat dk, lol

  9. So donkey Kong ain’t got shit on gow?

  10. How can it beat DK for third week in a row if DK has only been out for 4 days.
    Poorly written headline.

  11. God of War is dynamic. DKTF is a port.

    This shouldn’t be a surprise.

  12. Brand new blockbuster game selling to a hardware base of 75M


    Basic port of a 4 year old platformer selling to a hardware base of ~18M


    Is this *headline* material?

  13. Wow what a fucking shocker that nobody saw coming from the region that buys the least Nintendo games of any other

  14. That headline isn’t newsworthy or very surprising at all. It’d be a headline if a 60$ Wii U port that’s 10$ more expensive than the original was on release 4 years ago outsold God of War.

  15. I bought and I’ll DKC Tropical Freeze, great time to be playing.

  16. I disagree. It’s a very good game but I think Donkey Kong is better.

    Edit: lol looks like this sub is too young for Billy Madison

  17. Oh nos, SoT not in the top 10!

  18. That is not good. donkey Kong has short temper. It might just go and beat up God of War.

    They should really consider Sony vs Nintendo fighting game. It would be epic.

  19. It’s unimaginable how embarrassed Sony would have been if one of their biggest budget games ever got outsold by a port. Thankfully their fragile ego remains intact for one more week.

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