Ubisoft: Next gen will allow us to include multiple eras in a single Assassin’s Creed game, multiple countries in future Far Cry and Watch Dogs games.

Ubisoft: Next gen will allow us to include multiple eras in a single Assassin’s Creed game, multiple countries in future Far Cry and Watch Dogs games.

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67 Thoughts to “Ubisoft: Next gen will allow us to include multiple eras in a single Assassin’s Creed game, multiple countries in future Far Cry and Watch Dogs games.”

  1. Ubisoft still believes that “more is better” but they are the only ones. Just give us fun and surprising stuff to do in a medium sized world and it’ll be fine.

    Filling a game with empty space just to call it big is not what people want in their games.

  2. Please give us more complex game mechanics, smarter AI, and more usage of procedural generation. A single map where you can enter every building, interact with every object and NPC in some meaningful way is more appealing to me. I always feel like there’s something missing from the outposts in the far cry games; there needs to be more interactivity, more ways to affect the world.

  3. That sounds…. exhausting, tbh.

  4. What is stopping them from including multiple countries right now? WoW has enormous amount of regions and it is built on 15 year old engine.

  5. Bigger does not mean better, Ubisoft focuses on too much of quantity and not enough quality. You can create 100 character but I’ll take 10 well-written character over those 100. Ubisoft always fills their open world games with shitty collectives,fetch quests,enemy camps etc. It become so predictable and boring to play them now since they all feel the same game with different skins.

  6. I’m all for whatever they want to do, as long as the attention to detail in the environments and world building is kept up. Origins was one of the best open worlds I’ve encountered.

  7. This is all total bullshit gloat talk. You can do this all now. Its not a next gen thing. Stfu ubisoft

  8. Also, we’ll charge you for each region individually.

  9. This doesn’t sound exciting tbh. Unless you release one game and then sell multiple eras/major cities after launch as story content instead of doing full sequels every 2 years. Having all that on release would take too long to make and would be too expensive if they don’t want to decrease the quality of the assets or attention to detail.

  10. Weren’t they also thinking that next gen was going to be streaming games?

  11. lol, what the fuck is this? A PR release masquerading as questions from a journalist?

  12. I seriously can’t wait for next gen. The 4 has been absolutely fucking outstanding with its capabilities. I can easily imagine wide open landscapes with massive draw distances, amazing detail in textures, high resolutions, options for 30/60 FPS at times, PSVR gen 2….

    Then after it’s been out for 2-3 years you get to the time where devs have had time to master the system and you get some truly masterful games.

    I’m so excited… great time to be a gamer.

  13. Ubisoft, better check some of the games you publish (latest: The Crew 2 – wink wink ..), if they are really fun for their players. My tip: Act as if you were the player 😉

  14. I’m up for it. People are going to complain about these games no matter what

  15. That’s great but… No. Next gen means a lot of things. But it depends on how you use them. Most open world games now are fine with their size. I’d rather tight gameplay mechanics, better AI, increased detail in graphics and animations along with more intricate level design than just a bigger world. Quality over quantity.

  16. No reason they can’t do a multiple era game now, to be honest. Has nothing to do with tech improving. It’s just a bigger game, that’s all.

  17. Available for pre-order bonus

  18. stop making them generic. its weird that the the characters across many eras wear the same clothes and have the same mechanics

  19. Multiple eras is possible now. It was possible on the nes for crying out loud. Multiple countries is possible and has been for eons. Until you make a full country of actual size, don’t pretend multiple countries are about to be possible.

  20. This exact thing could be done on last gen, what are they on about?

    None of that is interesting, either

  21. Thank goodness. You can barely swing a cat in Ubi games.

  22. And we still wont be able to play through all the regions in a single pokemon game. Smh

  23. Ugh. So much shallow gameplay. Paper thin worlds. Just because you can give us a ton of pointless shit doesn’t mean you should when the game is 99% repetition and cutscenes.

  24. Oh my god.. the collectables.. NOT THE COLLECTABLES!

  25. Technically, they have done multiple eras since day 1 and could have made it a bigger part of each game if they had wanted to. There have been multiple AC games that had plenty of filler in the past that could have been cut back and invested into the future segments.

  26. Provided they move away from an open-world model, I would love to see an Assassin’s Creed game that jumped across multiple eras. Perhaps documenting the history of a particular Piece of Eden or other artifact, perhaps in a non-linear fashion but with each era offering a more contained experience as opposed to a big playground.

  27. Oh Ubi, missing the point so hard again.

    ‘but bigger empty space is better right guyssss’

  28. What their games lack is a soul, not more exploration space.

  29. Yeah, but where is the point? They still have to produce all those assets and fill those areas, which means it will get way more expensive for no real gain, as I doubt they won’t just copy & paste stuff over and over.

  30. Oh boy even more sequels to Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry and Watch Dogs oh boy I can’t wait.

  31. Yeah but in order to venture these other countries youll need to buy Ubisoft Fly Points and buy in game flights using real world money.

  32. Could next gen allow for a brand new original game maybe?

    Fucking Assassin Creed coming out of my ears already! It’s a well skelpt arse.

    This just sounds like a bad case of sequelitis.

  33. The thing is Ubisoft is extremely revenue centered company, there is simply no point for them to invest time and money in things they can’t showcase easily like impressive graphics, big open world, flashy ui, combat. So they don’t bother with creating interesting stories or making cinematics for every side quest like Witcher developers do because they actually care about making decent game. And seems like many people don’t even notice the inherent flaws of Ubisoft games because of good visuals and open world. So all of the Ubisoft games will actually be the same mediocre quality unless they change their approach which is unlikely.

  34. Ubisoft release games yearly, if they were to have two maps of which are massive in scale that’s double the time they will need to spend developing it to allow them to populate the regions with interesting characters, stories and locations and points of interest without at least 5 years development time. So realistically, they wont go through with it, and if they do, it’s going to be a world full of grey and no colour.

  35. how does the hardware keep the settings from being diverse? If its more space IE 4k Blu Ray Media then they will use up that space with higher res larger textures and still be left with same looking areas with more of the same. Also hasn’t some of the Gimmick of AC being different countries and eras, without the excuse of “can’t do mutltiple era and countries” then you game created then it’s done the Franchise is over LOL 😉 A good last gen game still holds up today, there is no MAGIC is one gen leap that makes everything POSSIBLE , just maybe makes it easier for the less able in the chosen field.

  36. I’ll say this, if they can weave storytelling AND a crazy amount of shit to do together like they did in AC:O, then I am 100% down for it.

    I know there’s a lot of filler in Ubi games, but if the world is enjoyable to be in, like I personally doing AC:O’s and WD2’s, then that filler becomes less monotonous and is something that that I look forward to.

  37. Next Gen: Games will be so big that you will only need to buy one game a year.

  38. [ohh ubisoft, just going to ubify everthing into one mess huh?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYfYLR2PL68)

  39. Even if they could do this, and whether yhey should or ahouldn’t is up for debate they never would. Why put two games worth of content in one when you could get 2 games of money

  40. Bigger isn’t necessarily better. Build tall, not wide. Depth, not width.

  41. **Well, clearly Ubisoft is a size queen.** Bigger is not what the players want. We want more meaningful. You can make it like Minecraft, infinity large basically, but if you don’t fix the mechanics of the games themselves, it won’t be a better experience.

  42. But the base city and story will be $60 and the following cities and stories will be “DLC” not included. Literally what destiny is doing at least story wise

  43. fuck innovation, just give me more collectibles please….? WHAT?!!

  44. Wouldn’t this increase development times exponentially or create even more glitchy rushed titles?

  45. I always thought AC would work well with smaller playgrounds and several different characters you could jump into throughout different eras of history.

    Like if you were part of a team that went into the Animus and each member had an ancestor that would have some necessary part of the puzzle

  46. I don’t really think people want “multiple eras” in Assassin’s Creed, but I think it would greatly advantageous for them if they used this to flesh out the modern world, and make it it’s own thing, than you can explore if you wish, because what it’s like right now, is the most bare-bone shit.

    Also, was anyone really asking for multiple countries in Watch Dogs and Far Cry..?

  47. ITT: Morons crying about nothing.

    Next gen is not here. What the fuck are you guys getting upset about?

  48. That’s such a blanket statement. Mass Effect has multiple planets you can visit. Multiple eras? Great, so you’ll still manage to fit that all in a 40+ hour game. Nothing new there Ubisoft.

    Instead, if they said “we will have maps so large that you’ll need a large amount of hard drive space to play and these games will be 1000’s of hours long” then that would impress me. It’s still vague enough to be clickbait, but just sounds a lot better than this.

  49. sadly for Ubi, I’m really done with huge, empty, repetitive OW games. like galactic-sized NMS that they want to emulate with bigger budgets

    give me shorter games or VR experiences and you may get my money

  50. “Yeah, we are totally going to continue making Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry and Watch Dogs, and not much else.”—Ubisoft

  51. Will it allow them to abuse consumers more than they currently do with their predatory business models as of late?

    Fuck Ubisoft.

  52. I think what they’re stating is the sheer size of playable areas is going to be significantly increased in the sense of no loading times while traveling anywhere you choose. I can see Watch Dogs allowing you to go into buildings similar to Arkham Knight where there is no loading screen or Assassin’s Creed spanning even larger, perhaps maybe jumping between two separate time eras seamlessly? It sounds to be promising, time will tell

  53. Yay more of the same from Ubi…

  54. bigger = less quality and downgrades no thanks!

  55. They’re talking about GaaS. Games not being just games anymore but platforms.

    Next gen you’ll buy into the Assassin’s Creed platform as they continue to add new content year after year instead of buying a new “game” each year.

    Basically, they’re talking about releasing games in MMO style. You buy into the platform and it lives and breathes for years to come.

    I’m just curious how they plan on setting up the payment model.


    Fellas don’t forget this is Ubicrap.. It’ll be the same broken ass retarded games with more graphics and just a bit more of content.

  57. Quality over quantity..classic Ubisoft.

    Would be great if they care more for smaller but better crafted enviroments again + also hire some better writers (since 2014 their games have had only bad stories)

  58. …and the games still won’t be fun.

  59. This is a glimpse in next gen gaming. Imagine GTA6 in Japan and Paris.

  60. Ubisoft games have no soul. You’ll never ever play them again if you finish them and that’s a big if because they’re nothing special at all. You have to the lowest of standards to think they’re not just bad to average and okay.

  61. I can already see them stretching themselves too thin and making another Unity…

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