The Bow Is Still Lara Croft’s Signature Weapon, she won’t get her dual-pistols in Shadow of the Tomb Raider Says the game Director.

The Bow Is Still Lara Croft’s Signature Weapon, she won’t get her dual-pistols in Shadow of the Tomb Raider Says the game Director.

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58 Thoughts to “The Bow Is Still Lara Croft’s Signature Weapon, she won’t get her dual-pistols in Shadow of the Tomb Raider Says the game Director.”

  1. That’s disappointing. I think other games recently have done a good job of honoring iconic weaponry while still being their own thing. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an either or situation.

  2. If they refer to the dual pistols as “her dual pistols” maybe… just maybe… that’s actually her “signature weapon”, not the bow. ಠ_ಠ

    edit: As mentioned below, it was not the director saying that, it was just OP editorializing.

  3. I really like this reboot and all, but I hope we come back to rich lara croft in her mansion some day

  4. I enjoy using the bow. But my favourite moment was using the duel pistols at the end of the first game.

  5. I’d give 20 bows for the “dual pistols” anytime.

  6. > “No. I don’t want that. For us this is her defining moment,” said Bisson in an interview with Xbox Official Magazine team (OXM June 2018 Issue). “We’re not going to put her in shorts with double-pistols, wearing a bikini; that’s not what this is.”

    That…is not the point of her dual pistols. If that’s his cognition, I am a bit unsure of this game now. ~~Discounting the fact that this has 7 DLCs announced before the game is even out, fuck that imma wait for the complete ed.~~

  7. I swear to God (of war) if she get stranded again for the THIRD time with no weapons or tools and she miraculously finds a bow and an axe to climb her way out of yet another collectathon-survival “tour de force” in order to find something that is going to be destroyed and probably should have in the first place saving us the trouble…

  8. Thankfully we still have the older games where Lara was fun and badass.

  9. This is honestly a little disappointing for a variety of reasons.

    And is it just me or am I the only one who doesn’t get down with using bows in games with guns and suppressors? I get it from a practical sense or in historical context but throwing it into Far Crys, Crysis and Tomb Raiders willy nilly is a little much for me but gamers eat it up for some reason.

  10. I think they’re really trying to redefine Lara, and that includes removing an iconic part of her old identity. It makes sense – Let’s make this new Lara have a bow, because she’s a survivor moreso than she is a killer, and a bow has more of a “with my own two hands” feel to it.

    From a gameplay perspective, I really dig using the bow in it, almost as fun as horizon zero dawn’s bow (I know it’s stupid in real life, but freely firing multiple arrows per draw feels so satisfying).

  11. BOOOOOOOO, Dual Pistol or RIOT !!!!! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

  12. Boo the pistols will always be more iconic

  13. Dual pistols will always be her sig weapon.

  14. If you’ve played the first game. They have the reference there. Imo that should’ve been it.

  15. Damn, really disappointing. How fucking cool would it be if Lara at her lowest moment in the game picked up two pistols and just fucking cleans house. They could do so much good by drawing some parts of the original game into this new reboot trilogy, but the ones behind this new series seem completely unable to create memorable callback moments to the original, they want their ‘own’ new and improved Lara who isn’t really Lara at all. It would have been great if this trilogy culminated with Lara becoming the absolute badass she was in the earlier games but still incorporating some of the new features and characteristics these new ones has brought to her. Instead they just create this generic, lifeless action game that could be so much more, so much more. Just imagining the crazy cool callbacks and shit they could do in this final one is crazy, but they won’t do that, they’ll continue going in this generic and completely unmemorable direction.

    The first game in the reboot from 2013 got my hopes up. It was a decent game and felt like a good start to Lara’s journey into becoming the badass and ICONIC Tomb Raider. The next one had noticeably worse writing, characters acting strangely illogical and it had horrible pacing by jamming in these open world elements even more than the last game even though the story was much more suited to be a straightforward linear game with tight level design. And now they confirm that they wont ever make Lara into the iconic badass Tomb Raider again. So so disappointing. Why even call it ‘TOMB RAIDER’ if you aren’t going to shape her into that badass Tomb Raider that defined the character and the franchise in the first place?

  16. Can see this game being bled dry with sequel after sequel.

  17. Just doesn’t seem right 🙁

    Give them to use mid game at least.

  18. But the bow isn’t her signature weapon, it is the twin pistols. That’s like saying “we know Batman is supposed to have a utility belt, but we changed that to a bat whip which is still his signature weapon”.

  19. sounds like its gonna be a rehash of the last TR game. anyway the last one was half a rehash. nothing like the jump in uncharted 1 to 2 to 3.

  20. Why would you use modern guns while traversing dangerous, enemy filled territory when you can have a bow and arrow. It would be too convenient.

  21. The acrobatic and springy Lara was the shit I loved back in the day, dual pistols and backflips, jumps, it was a lot of fun. After three games and none of that I’m kind of bored of Tomb Raider at this point. I still haven’t finished Rise yet, it’s just Uncharted at this point. I want them to skirt the line a little closer to the original series.

  22. Not looking forward to Tomb Raider Begins Part 3.

  23. Is this the final game in the trilogy?

  24. I’m just hoping the dlc is free

  25. That moment at the end of TR 2013 was so great so it’s a little disappointing to see them just ignore it like it never happened. That said, I’m perfectly fine with the direction they’ve taken the games and character in this reboot and they should be free to make it their own thing.

  26. I’ve never thought her bow was special at all. The first reboot came out around that time when a bunch of AAA games were getting bows for some reason. Not sure what started that fad

  27. I’ve only played the 2013 version and i love the bow but i do miss doing all the flips and shooting at dinosaurs. The reboot takes itself a bit too serious for my taste.

  28. Her dual pistols are her signature even more so than a big pair of tits so this is retarded as hell. Give her the pistols, the bow has no essence, it’s overused.

  29. Can we have dual bows instead ?

  30. If they’d stuck with the original design she’d look like this by now [nsfw](https://78.media.tumblr.com/c260e3df4338086fbb9e6bb32c9c4acd/tumblr_ox2loj252r1skh3mso1_500.jpg)

    such a waste

  31. I thought the pickaxe was her signature weapon.

  32. This is absolute bullshit. Again and again Crystal love to take potshots at Classic Lara Croft from the core games, Even shaming her damn body. However it was CRYSTAL that put the damn bikinis in the game, There was one bikini in a promotional poster from the classics and that was due to the publisher eidos at the time demanding lara have more sex appeal (nothing wrong with THAT damn it)

    However to remove her absolutely legendary iconic duels, I’ve had it, I’ve had it with this damn reboot. Whats the fucking point, I’m sick of this survivor katniss everdeen and her bloody need to find shit out about her da, What happened to the woman that threw away her life as an aristocrat and got DISOWNED by her damn family because she wanted to do what she loved, Not only for finding treasure but for the pure THRILL and FUN of it. Because she fucking could, Because Lara Croft ONLY play for sport! I’m sorry but her classic self is far more progressive than this daddys girl archer friendly gal. She was stoic and fierce and not afraid to use her femininity and show it off how she pleased while taking out fucking T-REXS in fucking STYLE.

    Fuck Crystal and Fuck Square Enix. I hate that they’ve done this and I’m done with this franchise until they finally pull their fucking big fat egos and their replacement of my god damn childhood heroine. Fuck realism, Fuck dark and gritty, Bring back the isolation and exploration, The flares, The animals, The supernatural beings, The keys, The levers, The puzzles, Croft manor, The dual pistols, The classic ICONIC look, Her red round sunglasses, Her badass attitude, Her stylish gymnastics, Focus on exploration. Classic lara needed only her pistols, backpack and gloves because she was bold and daring and lived for the danger and the thrill, while funding herself by writing travel books. You could totally make tomb raider stay set in the 90’s era before GPS, Before google maps. Go back to the old school, Bring back some damn colour and some witty one liners and wise cracks, Its not like theres a market for that- OH WAIT, CRASH BANDICOOT AND SPIRO.

    I’d rather have a cartoony lara backflipping around kicking ass than this tripe. No respect for the classics and some fans have been waiting 15 years to see something more akin to them. Hard to expect them to respect it, After all they made a demo for the anniversary edition even though that was CORE Designs gig and stole the IP away from them, Core never had their last hurrah.

    I also miss the god damn music, Her original theme, The t-rex theme. Damn it. Makes me fucking sad to be a fan today.

  33. I just beat rise of the tomb raider and I had an absolute blast. I cannot wait for shadow of the tomb raider.

  34. Yeah, right. I bet they’ll be included in the Ultimate Complete Anniversary Collection Edition that comes out a year after release. I planned on waiting for the full game anyway

  35. Damn I was hoping she would… I really want at least an ending cutscene where she picks them up or we see them in her holster.

  36. Interesting to see the backlash, I respect it. Personally I love the bow and use it as much as possible. But then, I never played the old games so the bow being close to her current identity makes sense for me.

  37. Give us dual bows. Problem solved.

  38. This is the game with like 10 planned DLCs before the game is even out yet right? Yeah so I’ll wait and see how this thing turns out.

  39. Temple of Osiris was better than this trilogy.

  40. I mean, with the heightened realism in the human enemies dual pistols would be a bit overpowered.

    She also dual wielded them to kill Mathias in the reboot.

    Perhaps the younger Laura is just not comfortable dual wielding 100% of the time yet?

  41. Well good move imo, this is a new rebooted Lara, not the old Lara

  42. Am I the only one that doesn’t want the dual pistols? Not trying to be a jerk or anything, I just feel like the dual pistols had their time.

  43. Am I the only one who almost ALWAYS uses the bow?

  44. please be another xbone exclusive with 20k sales worldwide for the entire year

  45. I like it more now. Using Stealth and/or with her Bow most of the time, playing the first two parts really gave me a great gaming experience.
    The pistols or the shotguns, I had to use in the climax or the boss fights only . Thanks Square Enix

  46. The bow in these games is amazing. So satisfying to use.

    No point in going back to dual-pistols for anything other than pointless PS1 nostalgia.

  47. Dual wielding pistols doesnt work, you cant hit shit and it makes reloads impossible. Im fine with them leaving them behind, it doesnt fit the new games tone to have them imo.

  48. Probably influenced by Horizon and Atreus :D.

  49. The bow is why I play these games – no game uses it like these reboots. Going back to duel pistols would be a massive downgrade.

  50. Yeah, I like a good Tomb Raider, but I’m not invested enough in the classic Lara Croft character to feel she absolutely needs dual pistols. I feel Tomb Raider can be a great game, either way. It was a reboot and they went a different direction. Fine by me.

  51. See, I’m okay with that for what might be a stupid reason, but it’s my reason so… shush, okay. The new Tomb Raiders are trying to be more grounded, not realistic, but… something sort of close to it. Realistic with a little sprinkle of fantastical.

    And you know what isn’t realistic? Aiming with one pistol in either hand. In real life it is close to impossible to aim and hit anything while dualwielding. (Hell, dualwielding swords is pretty impractical as well.) Not to mention the recoil of real guns makes it super impractical to hold them like that as well.

    So yeah, that’s my stupid reason. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  52. For this trilogy, after shadow we may get dual pistols. Relax boys.

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