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  1. Awesome drone and great review, take a look at my channel also, I made a video about Tello also 🙂

  2. Jian hao why you not review with ridhwan?

  3. Ant Gentlemen out there willing to share the female hosts Insta id?

  4. It's not affordable sia I broke I can't even afford school food xD

  5. Good bro do u read comments pls I want u to play Pokemon games if u read pls play

  6. jianhao why u didn't play roblox anymore

  7. finally,sierra is back in the videos

  8. Im currently learning to fly a drone and I can never control the directions cuz it keeps moving forward…….Can you teach me some tips or tricks

  9. Hi jianhao I am a huge fan I am sure many are too so so I won't say that I am your biggest fan cuz that's probably gonna cause a fight or something so ya thanks for making many good quality videos for us (your fans) anyways all the best to get more subscribers!

  10. Can I reach 40 subs? Pls sub if my content interest u and don't sub if u don't like it

  11. Hi JianHao I know you reading this

  12. I'm a big fan of u jianhoa love from Indian Muslim

  13. Pls like my comment I am the first to comment

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