Sword Art Online: Lost Song – PS4/PS Vita – Your adventure awaits (Trailer)

Have you picked up Sword Art Online: Lost Song out last Friday? How far are you in the story? Tell us about your favorite characters! Like us: …


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20 Thoughts to “Sword Art Online: Lost Song – PS4/PS Vita – Your adventure awaits (Trailer)”

  1. looks simple and boring to me lol

  2. did they say ps4? doesn't really look like it

  3. why it''s not on pc
    can anyone tell me if it will be on pc or not

  4. Awesome! SAO: Lost Song PvP Tournaments with CASH PRIZES coming soon!

  5. bandai please bring bleach from ps3 to pc steam!!

  6. is this game going to be free roam

  7. This costs 60 euro in my country which I think is a rip off. If you ask me then you could rather buy Final Fantasy Xiv a realm reborn which is like this game and way more possibilities. You can do everything in that game. And when you buy the heavens ward dlc then wow. Then you really lost your life cause that game is so addicting.

  8. Fuck the ALO, I just want the SAO based story.

  9. Why it wasn't on PC T.T Plssss

  10. will their be updates to add armor or change gender of custom characters?

    or even a new lux costume to let her look like Kuro?

  11. burning blood announcement please

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