Sword Art Online: Lost Song – PS4/PS Vita – Team up for adventure! (English Multiplayer trailer)

Learn more about the multiplayer in Sword Art Online: Lost Song! Create your avatar or play as established characters, team up with friends to do quests or PVP.


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21 Thoughts to “Sword Art Online: Lost Song – PS4/PS Vita – Team up for adventure! (English Multiplayer trailer)”

  1. Ive read the comments about the game saying it looks boring dull and that but actually playing it is actually awesome, Not enought content? Theres loads you just need to play through the story a bit, There might be a little less than hollow fragment also i saw people complain about the story, Its an entire different story and the abillities you actually have to grind for or just play through the story and get them later. Personally i love this game.

  2. Can a PS4 and a PS Vita connect through multiplayer?

  3. It sucks that Multiplayer costs Psn plus … :I …. I really wanted to play online with others..

  4. Make a gun gale online or ggo game plz

  5. they seriously need to improve the character customisation i wouldnt even call it one its just pick a character skin yada yada

  6. hi guys i just wanna ask if Sword Art Online: Lost Song in ps vita and ps4 can do multiplayer together? 🙂

  7. How many people can I invite n my party?

  8. ohh my gosh this looks terrible 😅😅 the fuck bruh. Just ruined SAO. why would you start in the Alfheim… and not where SAO began. Gleam eyes fight would be epic.

    smh this is a no buy for me tbh. It looks so cheaply made.

  9. The real black swordsman. who the hell is guts?

  10. PS+ subscription needed to play the multiplayer on PS4 ?

  11. I just hope they fix the character creation

  12. .-. only 2 choices of hair type, color, and skin? :/

  13. Reminds me of PSO at times. Nice.

  14. Well, with the Dengeki Fall Festival tomorrow, I actually hope it's another ALfheim it needs to be like Hollow Fragment but with Lost Song's combat and flight, nonetheless I'm still getting this

  15. only two hair styles and two skin styles per race. whats even the point of making your own character. thats just straight up lazy.

  16. lets be honest the fans want a MMO: where we can create our own characters and do our own quests, building equipment and be in guilds. true or true?

  17. Kin

    if only the game had proper customization..> n<

  18. Too bad ive watched gameplay of your old sao games, and the only one that came close was an all jap PSP sao game that i patched to play. and you didnt make that soo….

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