Seb Plays: Rec Royale – PUBG In VR – The New Rec Room Craze Is Here! Rec Royale Gameplay

It is Rec Royale Weekend! Check out this PUBG Rec Room version in this gameplay video!!! You can play Rec Royale until 27th May, then you gotta wait until …


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19 Thoughts to “Seb Plays: Rec Royale – PUBG In VR – The New Rec Room Craze Is Here! Rec Royale Gameplay”

  1. When does it come out because I missed the alpha weekend

  2. what vr headset you are playing with?

  3. Great informative show as always, do u think it will be possible to run rec room on the oculus go.

  4. Sebastian your not so unfunny in your gameplay videos 😏 you should do more

  5. Ich finde es Mega gut 👍🏻
    Frage an die Community: wie kann man mit den WMR Headset sprinten ? Bei der PSVR geht es mit deinem Doubletap auf die Bewegungstaste.

  6. You either need better headphones or you need to pay more attention to the noises around you 😉 (Unless of course your hearing impaired in which case my bad XD )

  7. What are you specific locomotion options? Mine feel clunky.

  8. This is mostly fortnite. Potions, chests, crates….. not pubgay

  9. Ask them to team if they try to kill you

  10. It reminds me more of Fortnite without Building

  11. All the squeakers in chat!!! Ugh… How do they have VR?!

  12. I'm a 45-year-old excited man.

  13. Whew… I would get motion sickness up the ying yang with this game.

  14. Insult to injury when the guy who kills you drinks your juice 🤣

  15. lol at around 7:30….awesome stuff

  16. Completely sold this to me!

  17. I just got done playing , did about a 5 hour session and despite all the glitches cause alpha . This is the absolute BEST battle royal game out right now !!! VR totally needed a game like this !

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