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50 Thoughts to “[screenshot] Infamous Second Son has the best particle effects I’ve seen this generation”

  1. God of War gives it a run for its money. But yeah this game is awesome.

  2. Got to admit being a bit fan of the first two games I wasn’t hugely into this when I first played it but having replayed it recently after getting it on launch, I’ve realised what a gem it was.

  3. I still haven’t played it. I really need to pick it up

  4. Not the best Infamous game but agree on the particle effects. Game was pretty and ridiculously fun to zip around Seattle.

  5. I feel like this entire game was made to showcase the new particle technology for the new system.

  6. I think the next infamous should just scrap the good/bad thing if they so it again. They so clearly design the character to go down the good path that making the evil decisions leads to a lot of tonal inconsistancy. Plus it leads to some weird shit like murdering drug dealers counting as a good action lol

  7. This game was a lot of fun but for some reason it just didn’t pull me in Ike the first 2. I have to go back and finish it one day it was one of the first games I played this gen and it’s still such a beautiful game

  8. This game holds up really good for a launch title … I bought this game during the E3 sale & just finished it

  9. I read somewhere a while back that delsin in smoke form when you dash uses over like 10k thousand individual particles. Insane to me lol awesome game

  10. This was definetly the first PS4/XB1 game I played that I immediately realized what I saw on screen couldn’t be done on the PS3/360

  11. There’s a GDC YouTube video one of the designers gave about their system. Worth checking out (I don’t have the link, sorry) if you just search for it.

  12. That game had good graphics for sure.

  13. This, God Of War, and Horizon just knock it out the park with particles

  14. I waited on buying a PS4 until this game launched. I ultimately was a bit disappointed with the game but the console is great.

  15. First game I bought and played when I got my PS4. Still looks impressive today!

  16. I agree with you, and rather than insult or fight, I’d like to also include RESOGUN in the conversation for particle effects!

  17. Just started this game again last week after not finishing it the weekend it released, really happy playing it from the beginning again!!

  18. Still spur that about a death in this game. Felt unnecessary and if you go the evil route it felt even MORE unnecessary, like it made the evil route not even seem canon.

  19. Astonishingly it’s a couple years old already!

  20. the game was incredible beatiful but for me who played the first and second game second son‘s story was just shit…
    a hippster boy, a weird opponent who locks up every conduit ( i will never call them bioterrorist) to save them…
    compared to the first or the second one it is just so underwelming

  21. One of my favorite bosses in a video games. This fight was EPIC.

  22. Gameplay and graphics are great but didn’t like the story.

  23. Having only played a demo (IIRC) of the first one but nothing of any of the others, can anyone say if it’s still worth just picking up this one as a standalone?

  24. i really loved the graffiti in this game, some of them were really cool!

  25. Every time I play this game I try to use Delsin’s other powers, but none of them are nearly as fun as neon. Plus I love being able to zip around the city without having to stop.

  26. Have you played Quantum Break?

  27. I think the FFXV platinum demo has one of the effects imo. It’s so beautiful to look at.

  28. Yeah its really weird to look back on that game now and remember how gorgeous it was, still holds up today.

    I think I have gotten some skewed expectations for this gen’s graphical potential from playing this game first of anything on PS4.

  29. That game had a well done storyline

  30. Back in the day if you preordered this game you’d get a condom

  31. I felt the same about Skyrim last gen. Specifically the blackreach area.

  32. They aren’t that good

  33. This game is criminally underated…I really enjoyed it.

  34. Maybe play more games. That or just be far more specific with your title.

  35. what is particle effects?

  36. Killer Instinct (xbone) has better particle effects

  37. Yeah not really Destiny 2 is leagues better.

  38. I was honestly kinda disappointed in SuckerPunch’s new ip reveal. Hopefully they just go back to making more infamouses..

  39. I liked last light better.

  40. I tried to get into the PS4 game but found it rather bland, ugly looking… since I played so many other games in this genre but the time I got to it… I realized it was another open map, clear out bad guys here, then do again, and again…

    Even though it might had been the 1st to do this on the 4 I played it late 2017…

    Just was not impressed by it in the least. Tried it on 4 separate occasions and got to neon powers but couldn’t play much more.

    Glad for those who really enjoyed it, though!

  41. Not a fair statement IMO. More like overused particle effects compared to other games in this generation.

  42. Have u seen of god of war? Clearly u haven’t because ur opinion is shitty and not welcome

  43. PS4 has major overheating problem which they still haven’t addressed !!!

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