Rockstar says The Bank Robbery and Gang Hideout included in the RDR2 Special Edition are side activities created specifically for that edition and are not part of the main story.

Rockstar says The Bank Robbery and Gang Hideout included in the RDR2 Special Edition are side activities created specifically for that edition and are not part of the main story.

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59 Thoughts to “Rockstar says The Bank Robbery and Gang Hideout included in the RDR2 Special Edition are side activities created specifically for that edition and are not part of the main story.”

  1. People will love losing content to higher tier versions of the game I’m sure. Can’t wait for the backlash

  2. R* walks on fucking water.
    They 100% know this is shitty as fuck and they don’t care at all. GTAV online is one of the top 3 examples of games as “money sucking fuck single player you are all dumb fuckers because we made so much fucking money off just a few you it doesn’t matter” games

  3. theyll get away with it, they know they will, and they will have all the microtransactions they want because fuck yall they made 500+ million off selling shark cards in GTA 5

  4. You either get bought out by EA, or you live long enough to see yourself become EA.

  5. Looks like all the Bullshark money got to rockstar’s heads.

    I might actually skip RDR2 until it’s in a cheap discounted complete edition, because holy hell, that pre-order scheme is screwing customers over.

  6. “It’s okay when Rockstar does it”. This mentality is so hypocritical. All this talk of “VOTE WITH YOUR WALLETS PEOPLE!!!” but no no no, that doesn’t matter anymore.

  7. “any side mission is a not a part of the main story thus it does not deserve to be in the standard edition”

    start voting with your money. we’re all jackasses. do you pay disney an extra 3 dollars to see a bonus scene in a movie or any other form of media that isn’t video games? no

    video games make 10x the money they cost. movies. do not. even a movie like IW. made like 4 times its total cost. and 55% of the money goes to taxes and the theaters for ticket sales

    the big 3rd party publishers are swimming in cash. Rockstar or not

  8. I never played the first one, so I don’t really care either way, but from what I have experienced with the GTA V online experience, I don’t get why this is a shock to anyone. Rockstar is about the money now, and it took them a while to get that way.

    Yeah they will make great games, but just look at their release schedule for the past 5 years—-GTA V and now Red Dead Redemption 2…….they know what will make them the most money possible.

  9. I’m sorry but I’ll never not be able to read RDR2 as R2D2

  10. How about we all skip the special edition and just get the regular edition? $20 for an extra mission is a ripoff.

  11. And how is this positive news? That means that they are specifically making content for people who are willing to pay more. Rockstar took the time to develop the extra stuff and then decided that only some people should be allowed to access it.

  12. Stripping content, already made, out of the game for the purpose of pushing people to buy a more expensive version. Sure fire way of making me not buy your game at release. I’ll wait and pick it up second hand cheap.

  13. I’ll do what I always do with Rockstar and wait for the complete version.

  14. With games like God of War, Detroit, Last of Us 2, Spider-Man, Days Gone and the boat loads more of quality games upcoming to stretch my wallet, I’m happy to have an excuse to sit one out and support more quality focused studios.

    Still trying to get through Persona 5 & Yakuza 0 as it is.

  15. Well this is how I thought they’d do it, sadly. I’m honestly not getting this at release, maybe later, but fuck this man. I mean I wasn’t that HYPED about it before, I never actually finished the first one (sorry I just got tired of riding the horse ). But man, this just makes me sad.

  16. I am going to buy RDR2, and since i do not care much about a SP side-quest and an hideout im totally fine with the base version.

    I don’t really get why people complain about extra content not even related with the main story.

    Personally in the past i’ve bought the famous Assassin’s Creed 2 missions cutted out of the game and sold as DLC. I bought the famous collectors edition of FFXV with the Season Pass out of it. Two examples of business way worst than this… but hey i cared so much for the franchise that i was happy to pay to get all these extra.

    There are people willing to pay for some extra in their fauvorite games, and rockstar is delivering like everyone since 2005. And without deny anything essential for everyone else. I really don’t get the problem.

  17. Rockstar says things. Some of it’s true, some of it isn’t…”Preordering from any of these fine retailers will grant you easrly access to one clue you can use in the future to try and determine the validity of one of our press statements or orations! Have fun while we jerk you around like we’re learning to double-clutch!”

  18. I’m sure I’ll get downvoted but I don’t get the hype over rockstar games anymore. Ya, the old GTA games were great for the time, but in my opinion the developer hasn’t aged well at all. They can make a good open world but all their game mechanics and controls are just terrible. The third person shooting in their games is so barebones, clunky and just bad. The animations are bad. Character models are bad. I really just don’t understand the insane praise honestly.

  19. Rockstar doesnt get me hyped anymore honestly after 5 I kinda see where they were heading as a company. Kinda hard not to change when 1 game makes you billions of bucks. Sure Red dead 2 will make them even more money but It wont be as a good a story and all the content afterwords will be online. Not for me but at least there are no micro transactions

  20. Didn’t we all know this was going to happen?

  21. So this will be the new greedy thing to do, huh? Pass.

  22. Sony and there exclusive games companies are the only ones that seem to get what gamers want and don’t want to bleed them dry. Them and CD Project Red and l think maybe Ubisoft are turning a corner and not trying to fleece us gamers with all this dlc bullshit.

  23. How is this different from including DLC or a season pass?

  24. The biggest red flag possible is locking actual content behind pre-orders and tiers. Guess I’ll only get RDR2 when it goes on sale about 2 years from now.

  25. Hard pass from anything R* after the bland GTA5.

  26. End of the day you need to vote with your wallet. If they cut content then try to sell it back to you, grow some balls and don’t buy the game. If it still ends up being an amazing game with tons of content then no harm no foul. Don’t buy the DLC.

  27. never has a company’s press releases managed to tank my interest in their game – until now. R* is breaking new ground here!

  28. Not sure why Rockstar are given the benefit of the doubt so regularly. They haven’t earned it.

  29. Didn’t Ubisoft do this with assassins creed origins ?

  30. Oh man, fuck R*, quite a lot.

  31. What a bullshit excuse, sidestepping the whole problem with this practice

  32. What? How can you do this? This is outrageous, it’s unfair. How can you be a side activity and not be in the main story?

  33. How is this even a thing. Too bad people will never “talk with your wallet” on this game. It will still sell extremely well. A-holes.

    Aren’t they also giving you online currency for GTA if you pre order?

  34. They managed to make GTA:O so boring that every time I decide to try it again I give up after an hour.

    I was wondering what they were going to do to ruin RDR2 as well.

    I am of course sure that this will make them plenty of money and they’ll have no reason to change their systems.

    Considering I bought GTA V twice (PS3 and PS4 for full price at release) and yet have zero interest in RDR2 as it stands… we’ll see if it hits sales.

  35. i fear RDR2s fate will be that of gtav sure it will sell well. But it will have a stunted shorter main story than older games and will be less tightly written and a less diverse world overall. And they will ram the online down your gullet and try and force you to buy the micros. How the mighty fall.

  36. Good enough for me to know that I won’t buy this game, as I’m seeing it’s only going to focus on online as GTA V did, so might as well not care.

  37. Cool I will make sure to torrent that version then.

  38. They did the same with GTA V and those versions giving them stunt missions and some costumes. It’s nothing big but still kinda sucks.

  39. Ehh after the disappointment that was GTAV, I’ll pass on picking this up on release. The original RDR Is one of my favorite games of all time but I don’t trust R* anymore.

  40. #FuckEA




  41. I think everybody is overreacting about this.

    Firstly, this game sounds like it’s going to be HUGE, to the point that whether or not you have an extra side mission included is going to make little difference to your experience.

    Secondly, this extra Bank Robbery mission may well be a nice sizeable addition and worth the extra money, in which case, if it’s there, great, you can enjoy it, but if it’s not there, then your experience of the game won’t REALLY be affected in the sense that you can’t miss what you didn’t initially have.

    Thirdly, you can feel how you want about Rockstar’s practises regarding GTA Online and RDR2 Online speculation but it’s one of the most successful online components to a game out there, so they must be doing something right. They will never please everybody, but it sounds like they please the vast majority.

    Let’s all stay excited about what we can be fairly certain will be an incredible experience, regardless of an extra mission or Gang Hideout.

  42. Eh, as much I want to be pissed about this I’m not. I just don’t care anymore. I’m absolutely certain that my 60 bucks will have more than enough content to justify the expense without additional content that likely accounts for 10 minutes of additional play time.

    Those that want to pay for it, be my guest. They’re subsidizing the stable $60 price tag for gaming. How long have games been 60 bucks for? Movie tickets have gone up 27 percent in the last 10 years. If games followed that path, we’d be paying 75 bucks. I for one am happy to have that price lock.

  43. I first read that as R2D2 and was a little confused.

  44. If they’re not going to be complete cunts, you’d think Rockstar would release this special content say 6 months after the game releases so those who bought the spec eds just get the pleasure of having it sooner than everyone else.

    Besides, say it shift 10 million units in the first 6 months — how many of those are going to be high tier overpriced spec eds anyway….5% of the total?

    I don’t see why they’d bother even doing this if they’d no intention of ever letting other players access this content….although any future DL version will likely cost.

  45. Cool, I’m not going to buy this game at all then.

  46. I think special editions are stupid in general. This is just an extension of companies providing cheap plastic toys, or statues, or booklets in special editions. People are willing to pay for additional stuff, so creating a small amount of actual game content for people to buy as well makes sense.

    Stop buying stupid special editions with useless crap and this will stop. Or don’t. Use your money however you want.

    If a company wants to produce more content and charge for it that’s their prerogative.

    More likely than not this will just be relatively bland and forgettable content. I don’t know why people get their panties in a bunch over this type of thing. When assasins creed came out this same thing happened. I never heard a word about those missions. Or that they were so amazing.

  47. Right.

    And when you buy the “Special Edition” of the new Ford Mustang, it comes with wheels, unlike the normie edition. But don’t worry! Those wheels are “specifically” for the Special Edition!!!

  48. Looka like I’m not buying any Rockstar games, sadly.

  49. I’d get the anger at R* if they released a ton of half-assed games or games with content locked behind DLC like EA does. R*’s last game was GTAV, which was a massive, well made game before you even mention the MP that came out 5 years ago. It got a ton of free multiplayer content (exclusion of SP DLC was disappointing though) and everyone flips out about the optional Shark Cards to buy was essentially boiled down to what was largely cosmetic DLC. The only thing I could see people complaining about are the high end bases needed for the Doomsday DLC but all of that can be earned through regular gameplay in a relatively reasonable amount of time and isn’t even required as only one player needs one to start the content and can invite others.

    So yeah, sorry not sorry but I am on the side of “It’s okay when Rockstar does it”. As far as I am concerned, they haven’t developed a rap sheet anywhere as bad as EA when it comes to betraying and abusing consumer trust. This is the first time they have ever locked content at launch behind a special edition and if RDR2 is even a fraction larger then GTAV it is going to be an absolutely massive game, good game before this content. Anyone comparing R* to EA in terms of greediness and exploitation of it’s consumers is just idiotic at this point.

  50. Everyone in this thread losing their shit is still going to buy this day one when it’s inevitably declared one of the greatest games ever created. Never spent a dime on GTAO and still have a blast with my friends, don’t plan on buying anything other than the standard edition of RDR2 and am fully expecting an insanely polished and well done Rockstar single player experience, just like GTA V was, despite not releasing any single player DLC.

  51. You should all skip RDR2 because theyre going to sell a better optimized version on next gen consoles. Wait until you have your PS5.

  52. Gladly preordered the Ultimate Edition. Can’t wait!

  53. Wait, people are upset about this? It’s extra content that does not affect the main game. It’s separate from the story and game.

  54. Lets be honest Rockstar wont feel any backlash because everyone forgets that they are a company trying to make money and can do no wrong, this is other attempt at making money. If this were any other company there would a shit storm of biblical proportions. The fact that the collectors edition doesn’t come with the game is fucking gross, if you buy the collectors edition it’s $99.99 then if you want to… you know play the game and you buy the ultimate edition that is another $99.99 so to play RDR2 and have the collectors edition you have to pay $200. That is one of the dumbest things i have ever read, make the collectors edition $140 and include the game, making people pay $200 for the collectors edition and the game is fucking sad and pathetic.

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