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14 Thoughts to “Report: Fired ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’ Developer Leaks Major Zombies(And Campaign) Secrets”

  1. As it is custom to sign a NDA I would say he is royally fucked.

  2. What an idiot, you think he would have made a YouTube channel and aleast made a profit pretending to “solve the mystery” one by one.

  3. Pretty funny how everyone in this thread just insult the guy instead of reading why he was even fired in first place. Fuck NDA or not, Activision is absolute bottom of trash, even EA is better.

  4. It was all because he took a break at the wrong time

  5. That’s a good way to prevent any other developers to hire you now. Career suicide right there.

  6. Do we even know if he’s actually under an NDA? Or are people just talking out of their ass

  7. Activision sucks, look what they have done to the destiny franchise and COD, what theyll do with diablo ectect. They need to die off. I had dozens of crashes in BO4 the last few days and that’s beside all the other issues this game has. Activision is a shit company that doesnt deserve to earn money with the trash they produce and the crap they do.

  8. This guy did leak a lot of stuff but Disney mana his side of the story is correct plus what do he think when he was leaking stuff that nothing will happen

  9. That’s a great way to burn bridges and fuck up your career.

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