Pete Hines Bethesda interview – ‘We do believe in single-player’, ‘absolutely we’re making a Wolfenstein III’

Pete Hines Bethesda interview – ‘We do believe in single-player’, ‘absolutely we’re making a Wolfenstein III’

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24 Thoughts to “Pete Hines Bethesda interview – ‘We do believe in single-player’, ‘absolutely we’re making a Wolfenstein III’”

  1. Get Tango moving on The Evil Within 3 and then we’ll talk.

  2. That’s good to hear. If I’m not mistaken, Wolf 2 didn’t sell as much as Wolf 1 so I was worried that they wouldn’t get to finish the trilogy

  3. Great, I really enjoyed the Wolfensteins on this gen

  4. Hooray! Excited for Wolfenstein 3!

  5. Great, Wolfenstein is my favorite story-driven FPS. Day One. Hopefully the boss battles will return too

  6. I just beat Prey, Wolfenstein II, Doom, and Dishonored 2 back to back and these games were my shiiiiiit. Action over RPG, detailed takedowns, story twists, blood and badassery, detailed settings, and a great chance of sequels. Making old school Doom/Wolfenstein and new old school Half-Life/Bioshock proud.

    Cons: Bugthesda 😉

  7. he could also believe in VR and port Wolf 2 to psvr. if swiindie can run it, sure psvr can too

  8. They better bring back supernatural elements. It isn’t true Wolfenstein without.

  9. Considering almost every title releasing besides fallout 76 from zenimax is single player only it’s kinda strange that they keep letting people know..

  10. I would personally like to see the new Wolfenstein games shooting mechanics in a multiplayer setting, though it is nice to have more single player focused FPS games.

  11. Please get rid of home base (Eva’s hammer). I stopped playing Wolfenstein 2 for weeks or months every time I had to return there to run around constantly. It’s fucking stupid. No more bases. Action, story, action, story. No room for running around pointlessly and picking up newspaper scraps while looking for stupid items.

    That’s always been the worst part of every bad FPS game ever made. Otherwise Wolfenstein is perfect.

  12. Aw yeah wolf 3…better not suck like the 2nd one

  13. Love Pete Hines. Dude doesn’t beat around the bush

  14. How about you make a fallout game that’s an rpg like the third one and New Vegas, instead of a poor mans hybrid of H1Z1/Minecraft/Sim City/Dumb dialogue simulator…

  15. return to castle wolfenstein multiplayer pls

  16. We’re Nazis on the moon, we carry a harpoon

  17. I hope that this time trophy list will be similar to the one in the first game. Don’t get me wrong: I like a challenging platinum but there’s a limit. I never played the sequel because of that.

  18. I wish they’d make another single player Fallout…

  19. Sony is putting pressure on an industry who, just recently, were hell bent on convincing us that we *need* micro transactions embedded into our games.

  20. As long as it is not the sjw cringe fest the last one was then it will be ok.

  21. It was obvious from the commercial, and critical success of the last games that they will extend the game to yet have another sequel.

    It was also assured given how poorly, and anti climacting the “cliff-hanger” ending from the last game was.

  22. Well I hope so. Anyone remember how awesome (barebones) ESO was at launch?

  23. Says the company that’s best games currently come from companies they fund not games they make themselves

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