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38 Thoughts to “Over 3 million PlayStationVR headsets have been sold”

  1. >We are excited to reveal today that Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially sold-through more than three million PlayStation VR systems worldwide, **along with 21.9 million PS VR games and experiences**.

    >The top ten most-played games on the platform span across diverse genres, from action-RPG to horror to first-person shooter, including:
    > 01. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR
    > 02. PlayStation VR Worlds
    > 03. Rec Room
    > 04. Resident Evil 7 biohazard
    > 05. The Playroom VR
    > 06. Job Simulator
    > 07. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
    > 08. Batman: Arkham VR
    > 09. Farpoint
    > 10. Superhot VR

  2. Great to see PSVR still sell well. I’m happy about the number of cool games launching on the platform this holiday season. It almost convinces me to nab one myself if Sony decides to drop the price again.

  3. I expect PSVR to be fully compatible with future consoles. There will be newer iterations with better control schemes but the original model should always work. And I can envisage PlayStation selling at least double this amount next generation. That’s when I hop aboard!

  4. I was really hoping Beat Saber was going to have its release date announced here.

  5. I just bought mine along with my PS4 last week, and I love it. Driveclub VR, Job Simulator, PlayStation VR Worlds, and Resident Evil 7 are must plays. I’ve only really not liked Skyrim VR for motion sickness and Until Dawn Rush of Blood for the dumbass difficulty spike at the end. Firewall Zero Hour, Moss, The Persistence, Rec Room, Superhot, and Wipeout Omega Collection are all on my to play list. I even played a bit of God of War and Uncharted Collection through it and it looked good!

  6. They also recently started selling them in Brazil I’ve noticed.

  7. Well deserved. Such a fun experience.

  8. Should I wait till black Friday or buy it now? if yes where can I get the best price? Thank you 🙂

  9. how is skyrim? are the controls decent? the games that use warping just seem off to me when playing it and not sure how a fps game would be since you arent walking around etc while controlling your character.

    still havent got VP but would love to play wipeout.

  10. Is the VR system worth it? I’ve never really looked into one before, but I see a lot of hype for it on this thread.

  11. Now reveal a sweet limited edition version and sell another quarter million. (So maybe not too limited)

  12. PSVR is here to stay. I can’t wait for Firewall Zero Hour!

  13. All used exclusively on porn.

  14. Wish it didn’t make me dizzy as all hell 🙁

  15. Can’t wait for the next generation of VR. The tech needs to mature and provide an easier experience with better motion controls and tracking system and stunning graphics. It’s great that Sony is almost there

  16. It has always looked interesting to me for cinema mode. Having a head-mounted TV seems like it would be cool. The actual VR games have made me ill in the past when I’ve tried them which is a shame because I’ve never gotten motion sickness on anything that actually moves.

  17. Muthafuckin Skyrim just *Skyriming* to number one

  18. Finally people are realizing it’s not a gimmick, seriously VR is the coolest thing ever.
    I’m so glad it’s here to stay!

  19. I’d like to know how many are collecting dust like mine or were resold on EBay. It’s just too much of a pain in the ass to use. I’m lazy and just end up grabbing a controller.

  20. We heard it was at 2M the end of last year, Eurogamer [reported it was still growing in May](, so this all lines up. Succeeding in a shrinking market it would seem.

  21. What are some good psvr games from the past 12 months or so that you guys recommend? I have not touched my psvr since last thanksgiving and have not paid attention to what new games are out that are worth playing.

  22. I played a few demos on PSVR and almost all of them were just “ok”. Not that immersive and screen has alot of chromatic aberration.

    but i played the resident evil demo and HOLY SHIT i took it all back. when the demon girl dragged her hands across the screen i swear I felt it.

  23. Lol. Look at all the butt hurt anti-VR people making up stories to combat PSVRs success.

  24. I think the only problem I have with mine is that it sometimes makes me feel lightheaded/nauseous. I’ve heard that wearing certain type of band around your wrist helps but idk.

  25. That’s awesome news! Currently playing through Skyrim VR and absolutely loving it!

  26. I don’t like Skyrim I wish they would bring out a different open world game I can’t wait to play something like GTA or red dead and be able to walk anywhere I want. Games like Moss are cool and all but you’re stuck in ur seat

  27. honestly I regret buying mine. I had thought there would be full games to play in VR like resident evil but its all mostly shells of full games. Has anyone played the Exorcist “episodic” one yet?

  28. I got a psvr on Amazon but returned it after a month. Its a really cool piece of tech but the ps4 hardware is holding it back. I hope they can release a more powerful version on the ps5 that is less of a hassle to set up and has bigger games.

  29. man i need to blow the dust off mine, its sat in the cupboard for a year now. i have a PRO now and i have heard the experience is better, i was a little underwhelmed on release.

  30. Awesome! I picked one up day 1 but ended up selling it because it ended up collecting dust. I think I may reinvest in 2.0 or 3.0 if they can improve on a few of the things that turned me off of it.

  31. I’m tempted to pick one up but at this point I’m more included to wait for the next generation as the line up seems pretty weak apart from a few big hitters such as resident evil 7

    Also theres far too many games releasing on the ps4 and switch soon that I doubt I would find the time to even play it right now

  32. How many millions sit collecting dust? Everyone I know who bought one rarely uses it.

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