Nintendo Switch News | Xbox One Sales | 2016 Best Selling Games – Weapon Wheel Podcast 76

PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo and PC Gaming – All news and developments regarding these platforms are the topics of Weapon Wheel Podcast weekly. Whether it …


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29 Thoughts to “Nintendo Switch News | Xbox One Sales | 2016 Best Selling Games – Weapon Wheel Podcast 76”


  2. BG go do urself a favor and go watch Attack on Titan.

  3. One piece. cow boy bepop. death note. Tokyo ghoul. attack on titan. fairy tale. fullmetal alchemist. punch man. ghost in a shell. monster x monster. The seven deadly sins. watch them all lit

  4. The one episode I was asked to be on and couldn't make it they talk anime… Sigh

  5. I've been seeing a lot of people saying "kick off Jimmy & kidsmoove off the patreon, they're not talking a lot in the podcasts" if you're thinking about it, don't do it, cuz the only time they don't really talk is when you, hard8 & jackmoove are arguing about who's better at a certain game, like like uncharted in this podcast

  6. The only reason fifa is on the switch is because EA is obligated to put at least one sports game on all systems

  7. jacks intro killed me lmao 😂

  8. funny ass podcast 😂😂😂

  9. Hard 8 always hating on black people. Specifically BG and his gaming abilities lol

  10. Blackbond and bg deserve a lot more recognition they should be on kindafunny or something

  11. 1:04:30 to 1:14:30 I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe too fucking funny

  12. The Last of Us movie is LOGAN.

  13. Tomb Raider has no replay value? Lol but Uncharted does? I beat TR three times and it has way more content than Uncharted. Got like 80+ hours in it. People stay sleeping on Tomb Raider.

  14. Ya'll need the check out the anime Hunter x Hunter. Top tier anime right there.

  15. No Switch game should be $60 or even close to it

  16. 5:00 Jackmove's intro is the best when he sings it hahahaha

  17. Lmao this might be one of the best podcast episodes

  18. Had to turn off when they started talking about anime.

  19. My favorite games this generation:
    1. Wolfenstein
    2. Dying Light
    3. The Witcher 3
    4. The Division
    5. (Even Though It's Broken) H1Z1

  20. Shit super mario world is like my second favorite game of all time

  21. Favorite games this gen: Rainbow Six Siege, The Division, Destiny, Gears of War UE, Battlefield 1.

  22. I think JackMove needs to bring out the "walker" card more often 🙂

  23. I want bond in a debate what he said about Dragonball was common misinformation in the Dragonball community Dragonball Super is fanservice these niggas just brought broly in LMFAO GT's characters were all made by the original creator and also he drew the manuscript of GT also wrote the back story for one of its most iconic villains Beibi Vegeta y'all wanna know real Dragonball knowledge come see my podcast I'll be doing soon or look up these 2 YouTubers Hail Zeon or Geekdom101

  24. +Weapon Wheel Podcast BG, you should put your sources for your articles in the description.

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