Next Generation

Next Generation

So, I’m sad to say that my mom has stayed very adamant in her refusal to allow me to purchase a gaming PC. While this isn’t at all final (I know I’ll convince her one of these days), I need to find other options. My Xbox 360, which has served me well for over 5 years, is about to become obsolete with this new generation of games and consoles.
My question is: Which new console should I get?
Understand, this is not a picture meant for you to flame each other and get all pissy, just tell me what console you would buy and why. And please don’t say "I’m getting the Xbox One because I’m an xbox fanboy" or "Get the PS4 because the case looks cooler." I’m loking for legitimate reasons, such as specs, console exclusives, the method of online, etc.

Right now I’m leaning a bit more toward the PS4. I feel like it has better console exclusives (such as Killzone, Infamous, and eventually Planetside 2) and from what I have heard from Youtubers at E3, the graphics look crisper and smoother. Plus, I hear the controller is a lot better than Xbox One’s.
I do like both Titan Fall and Dead Rising 3 for Xbox though. While console exclusives are always nice, the games I’m most excited for (Watch_Dogs, AC4, and BF4) are coming out for both systems. Anyway, I’d appreciate some feedback, and remember, please no flaming.

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