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14 Thoughts to “New PS4 Exclusive Monkey King Hero is Back Official Trailer [Video]”

  1. Welcome to a new installment of: can China make a single good game?

  2. Yeeesh, what a disappointment. Looks so slow. Like the animations are slower than the actual movement speed. Hopefully they fix that because it looks like the game is playing in slow motion. Makes the action look off.

    I was really looking forward to this. Hopefully the next look at it shows off some other stuff, like platforming.

  3. New contender for Playstation Best Hits.

  4. Is this in any way related to monkey hero?

  5. Looks like it’s a kid game, my 7 year old nephew might enjoy this

  6. Ah yes…the monkey-based Playstation exclusive that everyone has been waiting for (RIP Ape Escape)

  7. This kinda just makes me wanna play Monkey Magic again.

  8. Is this a well known franchise from playstation past? I only ask since I’ve had at least one of each PS generation and haven’t ever heard of this until this iteration.

  9. Great to see some Sun Wukong on the PS4 been waiting on that. Just hoping this game is any good!

  10. For me looks awesome. My only complaint is the desing of the MC.

  11. They need a god of war style monkey king game

  12. Looks like Knack…and that isn’t a compliment.

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