MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE Announcement Trailer | PS4, XB1, PC, Switch

Grab your hero suit and prepare to show off your quirks because MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE is arriving on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC!


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39 Thoughts to “MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE Announcement Trailer | PS4, XB1, PC, Switch”

  1. They should let us create our own characters in it

  2. Why Didnt You Say So Imma Go Get It next Year Bois

  3. You, a gremlin: guess I'll be iida.
    Me,an intellectual: no

  4. Please say we’re getting a dubbed version

  5. I hope the game does well so they can get the funding to make an even better one in the future. I want this shit to be on road to boruto lvl fr

  6. *waiting for the dub to come out*;-;

  7. Alguien sabe como se llama el tema que se escucha al inicio

  8. Bandai investiu pesado nesse game. Pra todas as plataformas, mto bem kk. Só acho que essa inovação de jogabilidade poderia ter ficado pra outra franquia ou jogo, pq n faz mto sentido ficar caminhando na parede tipo o homem aranha '-' , tudo bem se segurar, ou ficar preso lá e a câmera vira, show, mas ficar andando é foda. E ter personagens que funcionam bem na parede e outros n é tenso. Poderia ser algo mais balanceado, mas td bem. Ainda n joguei, mas to doido pra jogar.

  9. Excuse me, are they using the mirai nikki battle theme OST here?!?!

  10. So, it's been like 4 days that this "game" is out and there's already payed dlc?! 😂 Nice Bandai, really nice. Don't count on me to fill your pocket for this fan money sucker, it's 100% vomited shit.


  12. They should make a mode were make a hero

  13. Esse jogo é compatível pra Xbox 360?

  14. No Funimation English Voice Cast, so fuck this game, and fuck you, Bandai Namco.
    Half-assed lazy sloppy garbage leftovers being shit into the west with no effort put into it, again.

  15. They should add Itsuka Kendo,Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu,Neito Monoma,Ibara,Mina Ashido,Hanta Sero,Sato,Overhaul,Mirio Togata,Nana Shimura?,Minoru Mineta,Tamaki Amajiki,Nejire Hado. On this game!!!

  16. I'm not buying this shit. I specifically asked for English dub voice acting . I let that shit slide with sword art online. I was pist when it wasn't in attack on titans. Mother fuckers no, i am not from fucking Japan. I became a fan of this show from watching the English dub. I don't stream this shit on crunchy roll. Hope this fucking game bombs. Why even dub the show if you aren't going to reward fans for it. Fuck this company and this game. Good day.

  17. Looks like a remake of narruto ninja storm

  18. Tomara q o jump force ponha destruição de cenário e mantenha as alterações de cenário causadas pelo comvate

  19. Naruto? No espera es boku no hero 😂

  20. u have so many characters buuuut


  21. Of course Bandai Namco, there is wall running on a My Hero Academia game but not on Storm 4.

  22. Pokkén Tournament wishes it was this


  24. Anyone else here cause they just now saw the ADD for this on hulu?

    Just me?

    Okay then-

  25. Hell yes.. If only I had money.. BUT IM SO GONNA BE KATSUKI AND TODOROKI uwu

  26. Those graphics look horrible for a 2018 game, And it's 60 dollars

  27. sooo…..naruto style game but with MHA characters

  28. Hell yes. Hopefully we'll also be getting figma figures of the main characters

  29. I cant wait!!! All Might looks soooo cool

  30. Hold on is this game really going to be in Japanese?

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