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61 Thoughts to “[HZD: Frozen Wilds] [Gif] A Close Call”

  1. Man, all these gifs make me realise that I really need to push on with this game.

  2. I spent countless hours exploring before doing the main quest, it helped me get weapons you normally don’t acquire till later in the game made thunderjaws so much easier, love blasting parts off from a distance then going in for the kill.

  3. Is that a gameplay footage?

  4. Why does the gif look so smooth? Looks like 400 FPS or something

  5. This game was sitting in my backlog for a good while now and I finally got to playing it. I’m about 3 hours into the game but damn, I don’t remember if this game got any of the hype it totally deserves when it came out. It’s is absolutely amazing, pretty intense at times, and (more importantly) a whole lot of fun.

  6. Yeah horizon zero dawn is probably the most beautiful game I’ve seen on ps4 pro. I have a 4k TV and all so it looks similar to this on my setup. How do u play frozen wildlands though? Do u have to beat story mode first? I can’t seem to find it.

  7. Is this a cut scene or actual game play?

  8. I can’t wait for the sequel… I need to know who sent the [](#s “signal”) and also if [](#s “they can get apollo back.”) :((

  9. Me, handling family political debates at 4th of July cookouts.

  10. Is this using the ps4 Pro? Because im using the Og ps4 and i cant get any of my games to look half as decent as i see them on youtube.. Im thinking my TV is just crap? Or am i doing something wrong? Tv is supposed to be fullHD but i dont know much about this

  11. I think this is the toughest match in the game, including all of TFW. Much more difficult than the fireclaws or scorchers – This thunderjaw is just sitting there, alone, on the side of a mountain – and can one hit kill you several different ways.

  12. What a games, also liked it.
    To bad already finished the game 🙂

  13. This game is so fucking gorgeous

  14. No, normally I beat every game I started… and some times when it doesn’t cost so much time I complete them at 100%… with SMO it was pretty easy for me and now I want to complete it “completely”… for the other two I mentioned I just start them and I wanna to complete them at least in “normal” way… but in any case those cost time…

  15. wtf i need to get a PS4

  16. I bought the expansion and just tried to enter it on my ng+ on ultra hard. I’m thinking now that may have been a mistake.

  17. What amazes me is how smooth and consistent the action is, even when things are going crazy. It is the best 30fps game I have ever experienced and makes a good case for games at that framerate,

  18. That stance, no wonder Kojima adopted this engine for DS

  19. I didn’t buy the expansion cause I have too many games to finish but I’m feeling like I miss something

  20. I need to finish this game. The story was dragging along and I had to stop. The characters are so bland.

  21. Need to play this DLC again

  22. I am so much looking forward to Frozen Wilds. I am currently playing through the main game again, to get back to level 50 and that cool armour. Sony is such a cunt when you move between countries. But the game is great, so it’s not that bad.

  23. Don’t worry, it’s practically impossible to die with that armor. 😎 Love that game.

  24. There are only two things I dislike about Horizon Zero Dawn.

    1.) That it ends and I beat literally 100% of it.

    2.) The main character is kinda bitchy for no reason in the dialogue.

  25. All the clips from this dlc look so good. God, I miss Aloy.

  26. Walmart had the complete edition on sale for $19 bucks, I’ve never played this game before, but now I’m going in hard!

  27. I love the detail of the dinosaur’s legs resting unevenly of the slope, the movements of the animals in this game are so well animated

  28. As a real non gamer, what is this game?

  29. Beautiful dodge… is this in 4K?

  30. Damn. I love this game so much

  31. These GIFs make me want to buy the game

  32. Loved the game, too bad it doesn’t run at 60fps

  33. The graphics and sound design are amazing but the quests in this game are terrible.

  34. Meh. With that armor you’d be fine. It ruined the game for me. Made it too easy.

  35. But once they are frozen. It’s over. Thst damage plus the slow on them makes the fight ridiculously easy.

  36. I loved this game so much, I platinumed it on accident.

  37. I just bought the complete edition of this game for 20 dollars last night on the PS4 store and I’m so excited to play it.

  38. At one point Aloy mentions she should be able to override even the corrupted if she finds the right Cauldron, which was very surprisingto me. Anyone know if it’s actually possible? Scrolling through the beasts menu suggests it’s impossible.

  39. Is this… actual gameplay or a cinematic??

  40. Going to buy a PS4 just so I can play this game.

  41. No offense but close calls are like…half the combat experience.

  42. It’s just such a beautiful fucking game!!

  43. I have the original game and beat it, I didn’t like it as much.(actually I’d only give it like a 6/10) but I always like expansions and DLCs because it allows the devs to do something that they couldn’t with the vase game.(usually a cool setting like Toussaint for BaW).
    Is Frozen Wilds like that? Is it worth it?

  44. How tf do I beat the sun hawks in the temple? I want to keep playing but they kick my ass

  45. in my opinion this game isn’t perfect but it’s quickly becoming one of my all time favorites. I’m excited to see what they do with it as a series, it’s such a different and unique IP, and it has seriously amazing potential.

  46. This game looks just amazing… I bought it a few weeks ago but my ps4 doesn’t read it and it appears as “unkown disc” … I really wanna play it

  47. Do machines take any damage from ramming into the side of a mountain? i’ve never bothered to notice. It would make sense to use their “stampede” against them as a hunting tactic, and if theyre undamaged, then its a missed opportunity.

  48. What do you press to lock onto the machine? Didn’t know you could do that lol

  49. It still amazes me how godamn beautiful this game is.

  50. I never saw to much about this game, can someone give me a quick rating? Or thoughts you had about it? I don’t like review sites lol.

  51. Lol. So every single boss fight in dark souls?

  52. If that was me, I would’ve died

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