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9 Thoughts to “Hollow Knight Update Version 1.02 Patch Notes For PS4”

  1. woot the cartographer trophy fix

  2. What about the sound cracking in certain Soundtracks?

  3. Just bought this game the other day. Enjoying it a lot, but it’s difficult to know where to go.

    Buying all the map markers seems like such a waste when there are expensive shop items you need to advance further on the map.
    I really don’t like to use guides on my first play through of a game.

  4. Phew, so now the cartographer trophy is fixed AND you can finish the Grimm Troupe with both endings and get the trophy now!

  5. Enjoying the hell out of the game, though some of the precision platforming can be a bit too difficult at times. But it’s a great mix of a beautiful world and challenging and tight gameplay.

  6. Man I want to buy this , but I know I won’t play it for a few months.

  7. Only thing im disappointed with in this game is the trophies are different than on xbox or pc i beat the secret final boss and got the trophy for beating the regular final boss, either way amazing game

  8. And the hell of a time it takes TO INSTALL IT….

  9. Does anyone know if the trophies will unlock automatically if you’ve already met the requirements or will they need to be completed again? I usually have no interest in pursuing platinum trophies, but this game is just too damn good. Unfortunately I lost interest when I did Banishment and received no trophy for it.

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