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50 Thoughts to “[God of War] [Gif] Insane Particle Effects When You Chain Up Runic Attacks”

  1. That’s how I start every Valkyrie fight.

  2. I met my first Valkyrie yesterday… was not fun.

  3. Be honest, I know when that shit happens i’m just mashing square until I can see what I’m doing.

  4. What is the first runic spell?


  6. The particle effects in this game are the best I’ve ever seen. Truly outstanding.

  7. Since they’re stationary at the beginning, I started the Valkyrie fights with that one heavy runic attack that has Kratos slam the ground and send a shared ice path towards the target. Then follow up with Atreus’ special and then switch to the Blades

  8. “I want to show off the amazing graphics of this game that plays in 4K. I know I’ll make a 640×480 gif.”

  9. Meanwhile there I am just mashing R1… 😐

  10. Jesus

    Imagine being asleep for centuries and waking up to that!

  11. Yeah super cool until you realize you can’t see enemies moves and get one-shot 🙁

  12. This is the only sensible way the start a fight with a Valkyrie

  13. Tried the first one and got my ass handed to me.

  14. You can also change to chains and *chain* 2 more runic attacks

  15. The first few seconds of Valkyrie fights are the BEST for this reason. Let em have it.

  16. Saw a clip like this the other day and thought I must be playing a different game.

    I’m old and slow btw.

  17. I can hear the ps4 fan starting to speed up

  18. Some people may take this with a grain of salt but, when optimized correctly, console games can truly rival the graphics of PC games. Great props to the artists and software engineers of games like Infamous SS, TLOU:Remastered, U4, Horizon Zero Dawn (and a few others that i’m probably missing). I’m really thankful that we are blessed with all these exclusive developers.

  19. im still stuck here and it’s a pain in the ass!

  20. Just finished the story 20 minutes ago. I honestly can’t wait to jump back in and do all of the side quest stuff, it’s so good <3

  21. Upgrade the Runic R1 and hold down R1 for more spin to win 😉

  22. Now, WARFRAME particle effects… Make the game blue. They make it blue.

  23. I was happy to get the Blades of Chaos back, but god damn do I love my ax. I loved the brutal, versatile, and satisfying ax combat. Being able to recall that ax is so god damn satisfying, I feel like Thor.

  24. The op is overgeared for this fight, you should realistically be fighting the valkyrie at the same level as you are (yellow health bar), blue means you are higher level and purple means run away.

  25. I met my 9th Valkyrie today. Someone help me 🙁

  26. That’s some super saiyan shit

  27. I played the game in performance mode and even insane moments like this didn’t cause the framerate to noticeably dip.

    Oddly, I think the “worst” area in the game for framerate was probably walking along the bridge at Tyr’s temple. But most areas while exploring felt like 60fps and combatwas probably 50s.

  28. I would use realm shift rune and the Axe charging rune and Helhiems touch that stuns them as its quick charge and decent stun/damage, this seems better.

  29. Kinda reminds me of bayonetta’s umbran climax attacks

  30. Meanwhile Conan Exiles would have lagged when you jumped. 🙁 I really regret not buying this instead.

  31. And it still did hardly any damage

  32. First Valkyrie i fought was Gondul, on hard….


  33. The colors on this game beautiful 👏🔥

  34. That bird was like “I wish I didn’t waste so much time with the dramatic wing spread!”

  35. Just hit the Queen tonight…only thing standing between me and the Platinum.

    5 tries so far and she’s a megabitch

  36. What is that slow motion thing? Did you edit it yourself or was it added recently?

  37. Gotta do this then use the slow down time attack and then use the blades attacks.

  38. ITT – Encouraging signs that I’m not the only one having troubles with these bitches.

  39. And here I am still waiting for gold edition to go on sale…. Come on psn!!

  40. This isn’t loading for me. It’s just blank, I can’t even press the little play button.

  41. Yeah, I’m on my 2nd play through now and I still haven’t figured out how to chain attacks like this…

  42. I stupidly sold the talisman that slows time. Is there any way to get it again?
    The elves don’t craft them.

  43. Poor denfenseless Valkyrie

  44. This is probably one of the reasons i love this Wolf summon…shit gets really intense.

    Add some runic blade attack and you get waaay too overpowered.

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