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70 Thoughts to “[Gif] Hello r/PS4, I have been working on a party game with small tanks and tons of explosions. What do you think?”

  1. A party game you say? With tanks and explosions and a chance for hilarious betrayals between friends?

    Sign me up!

  2. Scorched Earth vibes.

    Have you considered a turn-based mode?

  3. Hello r/PS4,

    I am working on action party game about tanks, explosions and tons of game modes. We posted on reddit a while back and people seemed to like what they saw. It’s a party game for up to eight players with local and online multiplayer, customization and much more.

    Everything is physically simulated which leads to pretty fun situations. Take a look for yourself in the video! Right now the game is slated for a Steam release early next year.

    Many people asked if it would also come to Playstation. So, we want to know what you think. Would you like to see this on PS4?

  4. Looks cool. What platforms is it on?

  5. Any chance of this being like more of a fusion frenzy with vehicles? That would be a hit for sure. Different minigames with 4 people. It looks lile you have the same game here with different maps

  6. I would enjoy playing this on PS4. If I had to chose between my Switch and PS4 I’d probably pick my Switch. But then again I’ve double dipped on a lot of games for my Switch and PS4!

    Also, how much would you charge for this game? Just curious.

  7. I’d love to see this game on PS4

  8. When do I get dance emotes and get to build stuff?

  9. This looks really cool, nailed the art style

  10. Amazing! I’m doing a Game Dev bachelor. 🙂
    This looks amazing! Good luck!

  11. Multiplayer? Tanks? Explosion? that’s all I need

  12. I think $20 is a reasonable price as well, deepening on the amount of modes and combat. I can see this doing well on PS4. A tip though: make sure you have a platinum trophy. A lot of people including myself care about that.

    And porting to switch is also a good idea.

  13. I hate Tank games.
    But then I saw this GIF

  14. We need more couch party games! (Please be 4-player) Release this and take my money!

  15. So a 3D version of that tank game we all played on one keyboard in school, mixed with Michael Bay and potentially Gang Beasts? I’m in.

  16. It looks like a sort of relaxed chaos, perfect for gaming with friends.

  17. It looks like a fun game, I’d definitely drop $20 on this game.

  18. It’s looks awesome, is it first person? Or over the shoulder? I can’t really tell what’s going on in the gif because of all the explosions lol

  19. oh hey I have seen this many times in imgur 🙂
    it looks like fun

  20. looks fun but it also kinda looks like the enviorment will be a bigger threat than other players lol.

    of course this is a gif so i wouldn’t know. but i like the art style

  21. Can I ask where you got the inspiration for this? Reminds me of a game I played in high school called tank trouble.

  22. This looks awesome, like the design and the physics look great

  23. Didn’t you say in another thread that you don’t have any current console plans?

  24. Seen a lot of your posts on r/unity3D. Love your work, please keep updating us over on that sub.

  25. Oh. My. God. This game looks great! How much is it?

  26. I want local party game on ps4 so badly.

  27. For free or if not how much? And will it work with PlayStation plus?

  28. It looks really cool and I would love to play this with my friends

  29. I have been looking for a game as chaotic as DUCK GAME and this looks just what me a my friends need for our local PvP.

    If you need some beta player for PC/PS4 let me know!

  30. This looks like a lot of fun, especially since me and ma mates have been looking for more party type games where we can just chill out.

    Do you have any idea on pricing yet?

  31. It looks great!

    Hoping that it is playable in a local couch.

    Please take some inspiration from the ATARI 2600 game “Combat” and have game modes with bouncing missiles and invisible Tanks.

  32. Looks fun and entertaining, and for 10$ I’m sold, can’t wait to play it in my PS4.
    Wish you all the best with your steam release.

  33. This is a perfect example of “Graphics not making a game”. Gameplay looks amazing for a COOP match, and yet the graphics are simple.

    Don’t mistake my words. This is high praise.

  34. I say it looks like fun. Might I suggest releasing this on the Nintendo switch as well as the ps4?

  35. Not for me but I can see how some people might find it fun. Go for it.

  36. I would definitely buy as im a massive fan of couch coop/ party games! How many players would you be aiming for on local play if it released PS4?

  37. It looks very chaotic and difficult to see where you are and be tactical. I might Just be too old. Good luck

  38. My PS4 just lagged thinking about this game.

  39. That looks like it could be hella fun!

  40. Send it over to Jim Sterling and we’ll find out

  41. looks great! if only i had friends to play party games with…

  42. Pretty cool, I would def buy it twice if it comes to the Switch and PS4. This is amazing! Keep it up mate!

  43. Give it to dunkey and watch your selling skyrocket

  44. How long have you been working on it? I’ve seen this post before.

  45. I would love to play this on PS4. I know my group of friends would all jump in with me as well.

  46. How about in game purchases?

  47. Glad to see someone using voxels again.

  48. Looks amazing!! Would love to see this on the PS4 but I’ll probably be picking it up on Steam as soon as I can! Good job mate! 🙂

  49. How is it that nobody has compared this with the Saturn classic Death Tank yet? You’ve effectively made a 3D update to one of the best (and possibly least-known) party games of the fifth generation! I’d suggest getting in touch with Ezra Dreisbach, former programmer at Lobotomy Software and later Snowblind Studios, to see if he’d consider letting you put this out as a proper numbered sequel – it sure looks deserving of being in such great company…

  50. Yes! This could be the spiritual successor to Combat from Atari 2600. That game was so much fun

  51. Cool but should be posted on r/gaming

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