Fix Xbox 360 3 Red Rings of Death – What the 3 Red Lights Sign Means

If you are constantly playing with your game console for many hours every day; you will soon encounter the three lights sign, or the famous Xbox 360 3 red rings of death; this only tells you one thing: it is about time to fix your unit as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage to your game console.

This warning sign imposes the presence of trouble; your motherboard is possibly deformed. Or there are some burnt parts inside your game console; resulting to freezing and other errors. The main culprit of all these things is overheating due to excessive use.

It is important to note that the design of your Xbox is imperfect because it is highly prone to overheating due to poor ventilation. Here, if you use it for several hours, the heat buildup inside your console box can melt down the solderings made to attach parts; resulting to trouble. It can also deform your motherboard; resulting to more serious problems. In other cases, the DVD receptor was burnt; this can lead to issues like your unit is unable to read game discs.

Here, if you encounter all these things, you have 2 main options to fix Xbox 360 3 red rings of death. One method is to send you unit back to Microsoft, or any of its authorized dealers near your place, to have it fixed. Check if it is still under warranty in order to save on expensive service charge; otherwise, be prepared to spend around $ 150 dollars in service fee alone. The whole process will take about a month or more; since, you can not play games in the next several weeks.

Another option for you to fix Xbox 360 3 red rings of death is to do the repair job yourself. Do not close your mind that you can not do it; even if you are not an expert technician, you can easily do the process of fixing the trouble with the help of a repair guide that details every single step that you should do.

This will cost you less than $ 40 for the repair kit; and you can solve the problem within the day. Consequently, you do not have to wait for weeks in order to start playing your favorite games because the issues can be resolved within 24 hours only. Here, just choose which among the stated choices is best for you to fix Xbox 360 red rings of death.

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