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27 Thoughts to “First Person Shooter Made In DreamsPS4 and More [Video]”

  1. Wow I can’t wait to remake Goldeneye with this game… then have them take it down. Then make Timesplitters with this game, and include the map maker in it, then remake Goldeneye in that. Okay maybe a bit too ambitious….

  2. Wow, somebody that’s not that other guy is posting about dreams

  3. who is making these examples of Dreams games? Are these people the developers pay to come in and make experiences or are they Dreams developers?

  4. Someone make BioShock 4 in here.

  5. Dreams is starting to show off more types of games. There’s others they made as well: []( (clips and full stream)

    I really love the FPS level however, the first person runner level “Jump Space” really hit home to me in terms of PSVR. It reminded me of the game “To the Top”. So yea, you can make/play some quality games with this new IP 😀

  6. Finally they’re starting to show something more impressive! Man I can’t wait to see what content there is on Dreams this time next year

  7. Hey, we might finally get deep down.


  8. Basically, Half-Life 3 confirmed.

  9. Ok what the actual fuck. Am I the only one absolutely mindblown by the fact that you can create literally *anything* with this game? Every clip just makes me more amazed.

  10. This game looks so cool, I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be a nightmare or at least very awkward to develop and model on. If it’s pretty understandable and easy to control, I can see myself designing a lot of stuff with it

  11. I guess I don’t really understand. Is this a game or an engine? Looks like a dev kit accessible through ps4 controller lol

  12. I wonder if you can implement moves or AIM support into a dreams created game. Youd think moves would be in considering you can create with them, but clearly this vid just shows DS4.

  13. I really hope nothing will be censored with user uploaded stuff. I want the madness.

  14. This game is going to be wild

  15. oooohhhh thats what i always wanted in lbp

  16. What even is this game man

  17. Definitely the least interesting thing I’ve seen made in Dreams so far.

  18. All these videos they keep releasing are unfinished rooms. I’d love it if they actually showed off a complete game for once, these half arsed levels do nothing for me.

  19. That is definitely Return to Planet X from TS2.

  20. Will we be able to aim in first person mode some how?

  21. Well, looks like I’ll enjoy making some Lovecraftian experiences if I can.

  22. What is Dreams? The little bits I’m hearing is it’s in the style of a more mature Littlebigplanet on a larger scale.

  23. I wonder if I can make a new Super Monkey Ball in this…..

  24. So random people are expected to create these games for free? Why would someone spend 20 hours making a game that they will make nothing on VS 100 hours on a game they own and can profit off of? (not realistic but just for the example)

  25. So this whole Dreams thing is just Project Spark? Hopefully it fairs better than Project Spark did lol.

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