DRAGON BALL FighterZ: Cooler Gameplay Trailer | X1, PS4, Steam

“I’ll rid the world of sin!” Cooler goes head-to-head against Goku in this epic Dragonball FighterZ battle. Watch all the way to the end for the Destructive Finish!


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27 Thoughts to “DRAGON BALL FighterZ: Cooler Gameplay Trailer | X1, PS4, Steam”

  1. Bandai porquê vcs não lança o jogo dragon ball Budokai Tenkaichi 3 pra PS4 e Xbox one?

  2. Any word on the release TIME for DB FighterZ on Switch today? Still can't play the game.

  3. Cooler have a dramatic finish ?

  4. Cooler was always bad ass in the show an very intimidating whoever designed that character was genius he’s the only memorable scary character other just wasn’t as intimidating an as soon as he transformed he turned into a menace very good for the vibe of the show

  5. Dammit.!!!…Give us Kale,caulifla,kefla,Jiren,toppo,cabba,frost.ultra instinct goku AND maybe tapion …for god sake..
    Nobody cares about cooler,turles,slug,Beby,dabura,bojack, etc

  6. This DLC character will make any team 33% Cooler.

  7. would be great if they could get people who could actually play the game

  8. Can we get saitama after this?

  9. This is just a suggestion but I’d totally love to see Raditz in this game.

  10. Why did he say,"Bravado" like that?!🤣

  11. I think he purposefully let Frieza die just so that it would come back down to Goku and Cooler.

  12. Yep, cooler is gonna be my new main. Exspecially since he has that super effective counter attack that used to stun Vegeta towards the end.

  13. Where the heck is super buu!? I'd rather have regular super buu but since kid but does half his moves I'll settle for super buuhan. He could even be able to absorb and instead of being a permanent absortion give him moves like 21

  14. hello bandai just wanted to be sure of a story that is circulating in the media about, dragon ball xenoverse # 3 would be possible to launch, talk about it and BANDAI oh it will only be a theory …

  15. I dont see cooler in the PlayStation store wtf

  16. I Hope It Really Isn't Android 17 I Honestly Hope Its Raditz

  17. I feel like champa would be cool but when beerus fights champa in the anime that destroyed a small circle of the universe around them. And it says when 2 gods of destruction fight the universe ends. I guess it wouldn't work😭

  18. Why not go with more universe 6, like kefla and cabba?

  19. hello bandai namco the game is excellent nothing much to complain
    but I have issue sometimes I like to fight 1 vs 1 or 2 v 2 if you can do that I will be so glad of you bandai and also can you add alternative costume like I wanna play goku ss1 shirtless or vegeta buu saga alternative costume you know what I mean though I know your working hard but please do it for the fans I think everyone agree with me well it's ok if not I'm just asking
    also btw I bought this game twice the ultimate edition and I'm going to buy the third time for switch : ) this game is so gorgeous every moment made me smile 💙💙💙💙

  20. Metan a Hatchiyack! también a Jiren, Toppo Hakai, Kefla, Gogeta, 17, Trunks Dai San Dan kai, Trunks Rage, Gohan del Futuro y a Cell semiperfecto.

  21. Hola bandai nanco es que quiero sa ber porque no se puede jugar dragonbal xenoverse 2 para xbox 360

  22. Chris Guerrero deserves to be the official voice of Cooler. Andrew Chandler just doesn't have it anymore.

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