Dark Souls III – Ashes of Ariandel Launch Trailer | PS4, XB1, PC

Return to the award winning third installment of the Dark Souls franchise with the Ashes of Ariandel DLC. You must journey into a painted world to uncover the …


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44 Thoughts to “Dark Souls III – Ashes of Ariandel Launch Trailer | PS4, XB1, PC”

  1. what's that song ? plz tell me

  2. MotherFucker
    I need The name of the song :3

  3. Jump scare at the end? Cheap. C’mon From you’re better than this.

  4. The trailer is longer than the dlc

  5. Would be 200% better without the vocals.

  6. Shit song, the same kind of music in every Fucking game trailer today: a woman singing modern shit doesn't fit this epic game.

  7. I know this was massive spoilers but damn this trailer was good!

  8. This was the worse DLC they put out

  9. am I the only one still waiting for the full song to be released?

  10. Best trailer and song! Thumb up! 🙂

  11. i enjoyed this trailer better than the newest one. still hupe af for the new release tho

  12. fuck you ariandle 😅😅 ringed city iam coming 😎😎


  14. Seriously, can someone tell me who did this cover of lake of fire?

  15. So I'm nowhere near finishing the game, only killed the tutorial boss, first boss, tree boss, and crystal sage, and I got sucked into this painting world. Man it was epic. After I fell down the ice, got circled by growling wolves, barely slaughtering them all the first time I tried. First there was just 3 but they kept coming and coming I was wondering if they'll even stop coming, then the last one fell. I was out of estus, got a headache from the tense fight, and was like damn that was epic. And then moma wolf came…

    I loved how the wolves circle you. Haven't seen much variation in AI so far, they all just pretty much just run at you and hit you, but the wolves act differently. I hope there's more like that.

  16. Who's the main character in this?

  17. the last boss fight should have been separated in to two different ones. Should have been the Father, then new area, then the sister. the knight guy should have been a boss too tbh

  18. release the full version of this song please!!


  20. Can we please get the song? I can't find this cover anywhere

  21. lake of fire meat puppets, Does anyone know the trailer's version of this song? cant find it 🙁

  22. Как зовут исполнительницу песни из треллера?

  23. Alguém pode me diser se existe esa música para download sé sim onde

  24. Time to shoot myself god i hated this place in ds1

  25. wow trailers better and longer that DLC…

  26. Does anyone know what this cover to Lake of Fire is called?

  27. I need this song, my dude. What is it?

  28. Шыкарный саунд.Хотелось бы оригинал в етом исполнении послушать

  29. can anyone direct me to where i can listen to the actual song playing in the trailer

  30. GG on spoiling 99.9% of the entire dlc.

  31. That meat puppets cover, so good

  32. It was truly awesome. The final boss of this dlc maybe my new Souls favorite boss.

  33. what the name of the song?

  34. ADD Dungeons on the next DLC plz

  35. tell me the music playing in the background?? help me find it

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