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38 Thoughts to “Creative Director of Spider-Man PS4 Says It ‘Would Not Exist if It Wasn’t for PlayStation’”

  1. This is an article quoting a video produced and released by Kinda Funny. Let’s give the content creators the credit they deserve, not pushsquare quoting a video.


  2. Only reason is because of Spider Cop. He’s seen too much. He is half spider, half man, but all cop.

  3. Hope the success leads to more quality marvel games. Ironman would be pretty cool, skill progression would be pretty easy to deal with.

  4. As I play the game and it turns to night I end up thinking this is the direction I wish Rocksteady had taken with the Batman Arkham series.

    It is genuinely great having this feeling of an actual city to defend, rather than one that is solely populated by criminals.

    Having an actual Gotham city filled with people going about their lives while you drive through the city in for example TAS batmobile would be something I would dearly love to do.

  5. This is honestly the best justification for console exclusives I’ve heard. I’ve seen some complaints lately from people that Spider-Man is only on PS4 and that exclusives hurt the games industry. But, as the article mentions, most of these great Sony exclusives exist because Sony is doing good business and making sure there’s always something fun to play on PlayStation. It’s not like Insomniac was making this game and just sold it to the highest bidder, the game wouldn’t be what it is if it weren’t for Sony. I’d love for everyone who doesn’t have a PlayStation to be able to experience these great games, but it seems like we’d simply have worse games overall if companies like Sony didn’t care if they had better games than the competition.

  6. This has been Sony’s MO since day one. Just think of the freedom they gave developers in the early days of their existence. Not being a fanboy at all when I say I’m glad I’ve always stuck with them (and Nintendo too for that matter) – the games aren’t mass produced. They got heart and soul – it’s simple fact.

  7. Obvious, despite certain fanboys sore about its exclusivity saying otherwise.

    More and more AAA publishers are shying AWAY from single player, cinematic games. Except for Sony. Without Sony any other publisher wouldn’t have poured as much money into a licensed product like this and as such we would not have seen a Spider-Man game like this one.

    That’s why the choice is simple for those complaining about exclusivity. It was either a big budget Spider-Man game like this but it’s exclusive or this game not existing at all.

    I know which one I’d rather have.

  8. People don’t realise that what Sony is doing is completely against the zeitgeist that’s blowing through the gaming companies right now. Everyone wants games as a service and micro transactions to milk a game for years. Sony does AAA funding and complete support without milking the game at all. GoW and SM have zero micro transactions. Sony at present stands hand and feet above other companies in the field imo.

  9. I’d like to point out Sony DOES NOT OWN THE SPIDERMAN RIGHTS ONLY THE SPIDERMAN RIGHTS TO FILM. All other formats of spiderman are owned by Disney when they bought Marvel. So the Marvel team that worked with Insomniac would have been Disney employed.

  10. I really hope more people see it. I tired when people ask why it’s only for PS4 and call Sony “greedy”.

  11. Crossplay this and that- THIS is what I like about Sony and why I like PlayStation so much this generation is for this. Have faith in your developers, let them do what they have to, don’t control too much as a publisher, just focus on marketing and the money. And it seems like they’ve been doing this a lot this gen. God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn are prime examples. Two risky games that paid off.

    Now, obviously Spider-Man will pay off no matter what because the legacy of the name… but this could’ve been another off-shoot unoriginal movie tie-in game but it wasn’t.

  12. This is how exclusives work. Devs aren’t just making games then Sony says ”okay so this game will only be on our platform”. They help and fund these games. Bloodborne wouldn’t exist at all without Sony.

  13. Sounds like the same thing that happened with Bayonetta 2 and Nintendo.

  14. This is the reason that I am comfortable with Console exclusives. Yes, it sucks to be locked out from playing a game that is on a console you don’t own, but there are times when the money that comes from that console’s company is what ensures the game will be better than just okay.

    I’m confident that, for example, the new God of War wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable and impressive if it had not had the cash infusion from Sony’s Exclusivity contract.

    I know nothing about this sort of thing from an economics stand point, so I might be wrong, but all of those people who say “Console Exclusives are Anti-Consumer” don’t usually talk about the whole story.

  15. This game makes me want a Daredevil game SO BAD!

  16. Now if only Disney could take back their star wars license from EA and gave it to sony instead. Hmm star wars rpg.. 😍

  17. I’ve been saying exclusive from Sony are the perfect example of exclusivity creating games that couldn’t exist otherwise.

    Quantic Dreams especially only exist because Sony sees them as an asset not a profit generator.

  18. I’m praying Sony realizes why they’re so successful this console round. They keep pumping out games from their partner studios that are amazing because they just let them free to do what they want. They’re focusing on letting the studios create the games they want, not the games Sony necessarily wants (ends up they do, since they sell well, but you get the point.)

    I just hope Sony realizes this is a winning strategy, and doesn’t think that it’s something else.

  19. I mean….yea… Can’t release a game on PS4 if there’s no PS4 to release it on.

  20. I find it cool that some of the best games ever are PS exclusive like Last of Us and(to a lesser extent) the new Spiderman game. It’s stuff like that IMO that makes PS4 better then X-Box

  21. Writing, amazing, gameplay, amazing, graphics, amazing, this game is so over the top awesome it was worth the wait.

  22. Just a few more thug crimes to finish in Harlem then that me platinum. I’ve absolutely loved this game.

  23. Now we just need Disney to fire EA and give Sony the Star Wars license.

  24. I know alot of people miss out on it being ps4 only but having a huge company like Sony behind it means that companies like ea can’t get their greedy hands on it. So thank God Sony allows devs to do what they do and not dissolve or implement Bull shit things

  25. Someone should post this in that pc elitist sub and watch the collective hivemind lose it’s shit.

  26. As a life-long Xbox Gamer, I bought the PS4 Pro for Insomniac’s Spider-Man (Also bought TLoU Remastered because I’ve always been jealous of it being a PS Exclusive). It’s my first PS since the PS1 back in 1997. I’ve been waiting for the definitive Spider-Man game since Spider-Man 2 for the OG Xbox. Thank you Sony & Insomniac!

  27. We need more companies to be like that.

  28. Sony first party is the best first party confirmed.

  29. Seriously tho, with Horizon, God of War, and now Spider-Man, PS4 players be eating good these days, and there’s still Death Stranding and The Last Of Us II to release. Damn crazy this generation, PS4 has some the best damn games, period. Shame we won’t get to experience them in PC frame rates, but they’re more than playable still.

  30. I hope Spiderman 2 is a ps exclusive too! It will be grand!

  31. It’s not news really, any company that has worked for SCE have come out and said the same.

  32. I wish Sony would do the right thing and remaster SOCOM II

  33. Off-topic, but I had no idea Bryan Intihar was involved with this game. I remember that guy back from the EGM/1UP days. Good for him!

  34. So many games are ruined by their publishers because the producer has some uncreative idea they think will lead to greater sales (pretty much EA) so its good to see Sony giving creative control to the developer.

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