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68 Thoughts to “Capcom says they want to do more Remakes and Re-releases after Resi 2”

  1. No doubt Resident Evil 3 will be next on the cards. Man, most of the assets are there for it and everything since the engine would be the same. And that would have every major resident evil title on PS4.

  2. Just give me an Onimusha hd collection and I’ll be happy.

  3. Capcom! That is what i want to hear, you got so many interesting ip’s and this is what you do with them. My personal pick will be onimusha.

  4. Breath of fire 3 and 4 pleeeaaaase!!

  5. I just want them to make a Dragon’s Dogma 2 now.

  6. Can we get a Dragons Dogma sequel please?

  7. Yeah please work on Resident Evil: Outbreak next with online, thank you.

  8. Outbreak 1 and 2 collection please!

  9. Resident Evil 3, Outbreak, Code Veronica maybe? Dead Aim with online would be fun IMO. Onimusha 1 and 2. Might be the best nut I ever bust if this happens.

  10. I’m going to put my vote in for Chaos Legion since no one’s mentioned it yet.

    Also, Clock Tower would be awesome, we need more horror games!

  11. More VR please. Wtf you cant NOT do VR again after RE7! ITS A MASTERPIECE

  12. Realistically if RE2 is a success then they could do RE3 much easier since RE3 was kind of known as an asset flip [not really but it did use a huge amount of same assets]

  13. There’s so many Capcom me want to remake : Megaman Legends, Onimusha, Dino Crisis and…Breath of Fire I guess

  14. Lost planet or Onimusha please!

  15. I mean why not, as long as they keep up making new games like dmc 5 and resident evil 7.

    Make resi 8 vr please.

    Anyway it’d be cool to see resident evil 0 and 3 remade.

    Lol remake games in vr plz.

  16. They should remake devil may cry 2, you know make it a good game this time that fits into the time line.

  17. The fact that no one’s said God Hand is disgusting. It’s more than deserving.

  18. megaman legends 1 and 2 – day 0.00000000000000000001 buy

  19. Street Fighter compilation, everything from the original to Alpha 3….$29.99

  20. Battle Network on the Switch

  21. I hope for more VR games from Capcom.

  22. Onimusha 1-4 and DMC1, 2 and 3 Remakes please!

  23. Mega Man Legends would be pretty tight.

  24. Shadow of Rome

    Cut the stealth missions and focus on arena battle. Then I’ll have a blast killing people and pleasing the crowd.

    (Not my best capcom title, but the others were already mention)

  25. how about breath of fire 3 (without attempting to ruin the gameplay like what square is currently doing to ff7)?

  26. Remakes? Sure. Re-releases/”remasters”? No thanks.

    Remasters that actually look different from the original like Modern Warfare Remastered or Halo 2 Anniversary are acceptable but lousy re-releases like Burnout Paradise where the only noticeable change is the resolution increase are dirty cash grabs.

  27. “Oh shit, people are actually excited for a Resident Evil game for the first time in 15 years” -Capcom execs


  29. Good. Let me get resident evil with some online

  30. Say it with me, Saturday Night Slam Masters!

  31. Onimusha remake without tank controls would be great. I also want a remake of resident evil 4 with modern controls

  32. Bionic Commando rearmed for the Switch would be awesome!!!

  33. Oh god yes. Capcom could remake their entire library and I’d buy just about all of it.

  34. Outbreak, this is the right time for it while Resident Evil is hot again,

  35. I came in hear to rip on Capcom but then I saw all the great game suggestions and now I am on the Capcom remake/re-release hype train.

    DINO CRISIS!!!! Power Stone 2 & Onimusha would be amazing.

  36. breath of fire dragon quarter.

  37. Street Fighter The Movie (the game) in the RE Engine with VR support please.

  38. Seems like a good low-risk thing to do.

  39. Viewtiful Joe collection for switch would make my life a bit more complete!

  40. Little Nemo the Dream Master remake when Capcom?

  41. Dead Rising needs a remake. The first one was amazing, one of the best games I have ever played. It was my entrance in gaming and I love it so much. But it has aged bad. Rescuing survivors is a pain, and the control feels clunky. A remake would be great and we would forget that crime Dead Rising 4 was (and Dead Rising 3 at a lower level), it is one of the worst games I played in 2016, I hope Capcom Vancouver changes the direction of the saga or Capcom gives the saga to a better Studio.

  42. Capcom, who has been making remakes for the last 20 years, explores the idea of making more remakes.

  43. Darkstalkers, Darkstalkers, Darkstalkers!

  44. How about they make dragons dogma 2 already

  45. All I want is Silent Hill 2 remaster with full VR 😀

  46. Code Veronica or Haunting ground would be so cool

  47. Resident Evil 4 would be nice too.

  48. Remaster and Rebalance Marvel vs Capcom 2!!!

  49. Original content a little bit too hard? Yay easy money.

  50. O N I M U S H A








  51. Please NO more Remakes.

    Capcom should put their efforts into new games instead of telling us the same story over and over again in my opinion, basically I want an RE8 instead of a RE3 Remake.

  52. I would be 100x more excited about this if the Resident Evil 2 remake was getting VR like 7 did. Capcom more than any other company in existence doesnt learn from their mistakes and cant figure out why some things they do are incredible.

    Sure Resident Evil 2: Remake looks decent, hell might even be a great game but after the smashing success of 7 why change the formula up so drasticlly? Thats the kind of stupid shit that created Resident Evil 5 and 6 and also Marvel vs Capcom Infinite (or Irony as i call it)

    I’m not saying Capcom cant make amazing games because they do and they have but of all the game developers out there who just come off as incompetent with shit-tastic games because they always feel like they have to reinvent the wheel with every iteration it’s Capcom.

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