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18 Thoughts to “CAN YOU Upgrade THE PS4 PRO’S Difficult Generate WITH AN SSD?”

  1. I was able to upgrade my PS4 Pro with my SSD using the same process if you upgrade a regular PS4

  2. is the pro compatible with external hard drives?

  3. is a 1tb sshd better than the stock pros hard drive

  4. A good choice for the price, I found this one quite good : Firecuda 2TB ST2000LX001. Currently Back Order but it's suppose to be back in stock around the 21 nov.

  5. I upgraded my old PS4 HDD w/ a 2TB, if I take that hard drive out and move it to PS4 pro will it work or does it have to be reformatted?

  6. I'm planning on swapping my 2TB drive in my PS4 to my PS4 Pro the day I pick it next week. Hope I don't find any problems….

  7. SSD will be supported on PS4 Pro. It will have the SATA 3 6Gbps interface but i bet it will not really help all that much plus a 1TB SSD just isn't a cost effective measure yet.

  8. Transferring data via cable is cool if i have to do it, but what i really want to know, is if i can simply take my 2tb drive with all the data on it out of my PS4 original, and put it straight into the Pro, thenput the Pros into my old PS4. No-ones seems to know, and no-one in the industry is saying, which is annoying seeing as its release is just around the corner!.. 😕

  9. Ubisoft can say all games wiill go dowload only as much as they like, but the reality is, its really not up to them, its all down to whether the co sumer decides to accept it. MS had this misplaced complacency when they designed the Xbone, and subsequently had to change the way they wanted the Xbone to fundamentally operate, because people were not buying it.

    Playing your games off a disk is in just about every single way, superior than downloading, it just is, while downloading benefits the company's, not the gamer, znd any savvy gamer with common sense knows this full well. You can install a game in minutes with disk, as opposed to hours or days, isn't reliant on internet, so you can play it in the future, unlike downloading, when online access to the game inevitably disappears, and you can trade or sell them when they are physical, so selling/pushing a dowload only model to gamers is far from a given.

  10. SSD i want is 2TB but daaaaaamn $700!! For reduce load times WHYYYYYYYYYY

  11. I have the Pro on order.. I also have a 960GB SSD in my current PS4… do you think I could just pull that out and shove it into the PS4Pro? I really don't think so and guess I will have to load the whole image deal onto it.

  12. 4tb justin case you dont need worry about and deleting games you dont want 2 tb is better little bit but still not good enough i am planing upgrade 4tb on pro because i dont wanna need worry about it i have 2tb but have 230 gb left because i like keep buying games when their on sale 2tb is big but not big enough 4tb is best option will last you at least longer till ps4 end cycle 2tb is just runs so quick even you think will last unless you play only call of duty some gamers play more games no just 2 3 play more should upgrade 4tb if you keep buying gamers if you're plus member and have on sale if you're collector my option is 4tb my plan is this time 4tb

  13. most peoples internet connection dont have the speed to stream games and 4k. disc will be around till everyone can stream with fast speeds and i bought a ssd 2tb to drop in day 1 go check my channel 108dragonstv i will have an unboxing on november 10 nice channel

  14. Ordered a Crucial MX300 2TB SSD for my Sony PS4 Pro… Best option at the moment.

  15. Currently from what I got from PlayStation support is that it will support 2.5" hard drives up to 9.5 mm in height internally
    So unfortunate this means that we are stuck with the current 2 TB drives or 4TB SSD's
    So no 4/5 TB Drive because of there 15 mm height and no 16 TB SSD for the same reason

  16. Man I really wish Sony would allow external hard drives it makes no sense why they wont. Great video tho.

  17. the hell with 2 terabyte give me 5 terabyte harddrive space lol

  18. I think a 4TB for $138 is the best option.

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