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58 Thoughts to “[Bloodborne] I felt that [Gif]”

  1. This area is the closest thing we will get to true Harry Potter moving stairs.

  2. Can’t remember how many times I’ve taken this shortcut downstairs.

  3. I think you’re good. Just get up and walk it off.

  4. I don’t remember this part in BB! I’m guessing it’s some sort of DLC?

  5. I like how he lands right in the centre of the rail…

    Perfectly balanced. As all things should be.

    *turns to dust*

  6. If you have the old hunters DLC how much of the game is base game and how much is dlc. Like give me a percentage estimate.

  7. I tried to get into Bloodborne a while ago but just couldn’t get the hang of it. I’d never played a Souls game before. I was talking with a friend a few days ago and decided I’m going to give it another try and really try to figure it out (party, visceral, etc) and now I’m in Old Yharnam loving every minute of it.

  8. The path to best girl is difficult

  9. I’ve yet to reach this point as I bought the DLC and then discovered my old save was deleted so I’m trying to run through the game a bit to level up. And of course I’ve been stuck on fucking Rom for like two weeks now. I’ve never ever had a problem with him, I actually was making fun of a friend who was stuck on him for so long that he just gave up. Karma is not a bitch, but it is several beagle sized cosmic ass-spiders.

  10. Here is the [Source]( for those that want to hear the pain.

    My favourite part is the guy whipping me after i hit the railing.

  11. I should really continue this game. I think I stopped at a pitch black catedral with freaking strong new blue eyed werewolves, shortly after becoming able to see the hidden Chutulu and Co. on the walls and the only light source fell from the ceiling.

  12. *insert Mortal Kombat X-Ray effect here*

  13. Reminds me of that scene from The Raid


  15. If only bloodborne had player ragdolls

  16. God I love this game.Nothing comes close to it.

  17. Better than Bane Backbreaker!

  18. Be sure to watch that last step, it’s a doozy.

  19. There I go, I will re-join the hunt thanks to you.

  20. I wonder what will break first, your spirit, or your spine.

  21. Oooooooooooo *breathes in teeth clenched*… thaaaaats a ball buster there… 😐

  22. Forgot how pretty this game is

  23. This is how you incur the paralysis debuff

  24. The thoracic spine is the most overrated spine in the backbone anyways.

  25. That’s going to leave a mark.

  26. Yup! It’s a soulsborne game.

  27. Mr Rat…. I don’t feel so good…

  28. Oh…. I don’t want to know where that is.


  29. I’m shocked that pain in the ass hunter on that part of the staircase didn’t rush your dead body. RIP.

  30. PLEASE tell me I’m not the only who tenses up when my character is falling because I know for sure they’re about to die. Then when they hit the floor the tension goes away and I sigh…

  31. Ratatoiulle don’t fuck around

  32. This reminds me of the Qui Gon/Obi Wan vs Darth Maul fight in The Phantom Menace.

  33. > …Snake. Do you remember me now?

  34. I don’t remember this area! Where is it?

  35. this is how it feels when you miss a step going down stairs

  36. I suck because I’ve never even seen this area in the game

  37. Was willing you to survive somehow

  38. Those rafters always have me clenched up.

  39. That risk did not pay off so well, but at least you didn’t fall all the way down.

  40. I could’t even beat the first boss in that game

  41. I’ve really gotta play this game. I have it, just never really played it.

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