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36 Thoughts to “Anthem Full Gameplay Demo — E3 Best Action Game Winner [Video]”

  1. So, what if I don’t have friends to play with? Can I just roam around the world and do missions on my own?

  2. It was inevitable, regardless of what we think of Destiny it was one of the most talked about franchises in the industry and had a cult like following (probably still does *looks at /r/DTG).*

    But yeah this looks like the same old Warframe/Destiny/Division/Borderlands co-op loot grinder formula.

    So of course I am going to play it for hours on end if they can just keep EA from fucking destroying it before it even launches…

  3. Is it just me or does this game look really sluggish? I’m trying to give it a chance but that’s standing out to me a lot… I also don’t really like the borderlands type hit markers.

  4. It’s too bad that we are all accustomed to thinking/knowing this will be a let down.

    It’s just too easy to see through the game and see how they are trying to profit from MTX’s vs. actually making the game as good as can be for the players who are paying full price for a title.

  5. Destiny knockoff. Even has the same annoying cheesy AI character/voice.

  6. Bioware, how about Jade Empire 2?

  7. Turn those damn numbers the hell off!

  8. Well now I know not to pay attention to E3 awards anymore.

  9. I’m getting some Lost Planet vibes from this game mixed with Tribes. Seems pretty cool.

    If they release a demo I might be sold on the Origin Premier membership they are going to launch.

    I just want confirmation if that will include all DLC for the year.

  10. ITT: waaaah waaaah waaaah

  11. How is this best action game. It looks a LOT like Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay wise

  12. So this is Bioware now. Huh. I know they’ve been heading there for a while and it doesn’t really look bad, but this really goes all-in on something I just don’t think of as a typical Bioware game. If that’s what they were going for, cool, they succeeded. It certainly appeals to a different audience.

    Also, those numbers… Mass Effect did action gameplay like this just fine without jarring yellow numbers falling out of enemies. Why is this needed?!

    Edit: Might as well clarify my point here since I’m getting quite a few responses: Bioware are entirely allowed to try new thing. My personal issue with Anthem is not that it’s different for Bioware, but that I barely recognize it as a Bioware game. Mass Effect 1 was different too and I acknowledge that many had the same reaction to that as I know have with Anthem. Call it a knee-jerk reaction if you want, but we’ve now seen around 30 minutes of uncut gameplay from this thing. I can only assume this clip is meant to represent what the game is. Why else would they put it out? Based on this, what I’ve seen is not what what I know Bioware for, nor unique enough to differentiate itself from similar games. I hope the final game is good, because why wouldn’t I, but this footage just doesn’t do anything for me. Hope that clears a few things up.

  13. I know there were Destiny comparisons when this was first debuted…. but this literally looks like a clone of Destiny.

  14. I’m sure there is an audience out there for this game, but I don’t think I’m it. I dig the Division but this looks too overwrought and I can see a lack of content becoming a problem.

  15. Meh lol this game might be fun with some friends.

  16. I seriously hope this turns out good. A Destiny killer, but games like these generally really start to get good after being released for 8-14 months, from past history. These games need tons of content to get people occupied and then you need end game activities for the people who max level in under 36 hours.

  17. Those damage numbers are annoying.

  18. Wish it wasn’t online only. Looks like it may have a fun campaign.

  19. At EA play they had people live play this in front of us and it looks pretty generic tbqh. One of those games where they spend time listing off the features to impress you rather than just having enjoyable gameplay

  20. > Nice combo!

    Enemy’s HP barely goes down by 5% and then proceeds to shoot it till it’s dead.


  21. Glad it’s using Frostbite engine, by far one of my fav. game engines

  22. I know lots of people have been shitting on this game but idc. I’ve been excited for this game since day 1. When I purchase this game and I don’t enjoy it oh well its a risk I’m willing to take.

  23. Native 4K on Xbox One X. Nice.

  24. This—a glorified Destiny clone—is why Mass Effect was put out to pasture. Fuck EA.

  25. As generic as they come.

  26. this looks exactly like destiny gameplay wise

  27. Best E3 action game ? Don’t think so.

  28. Best? Is that what “best” looks like?

  29. So is this like a sequel to Lawbreakers or something?

  30. Wait until CDPR some day unveil Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay and that will be the E3 2018 spotlight for me. Anthem is nice and all, but with EA as their overlord and their Mass Effect: Andromeda didn’t do too hot, kind of skeptical on trying to get in with this “Destiny or The Division Killer” IP.

  31. Destiny 3: Boring Again

  32. I’m really excited for this game even though it’s not normally what I am into.

    Destiny turned me off first because it’s FPS, I prefer third person, and also because of the whole “shared map with others roaming it” aspect, I remember having other lads stealing my kills or looting a chest continuously and camping next to it.

    Later on reading about the game, I disliked the fact that they forced PvP on players, and nerfed some PvE weapons as a result of some PvP nerfs.

    Anthem looks more about exploration, which is good, has this freedom of movement appeal, and it seems to be PvE coop focused with no PvP.

    Finally I have a game that I can grind with my roomate.

    And since this comes after the whole EA battlefront lootbox thing, I don’t think we’ll see any lootboxes in this one, they’re wary and this game is a big investment for EA, they’d like to see it work.

    I’m gonna wait to buy but it looks like real fun.

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