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30 Thoughts to “79% Of Avid gamers Not Swayed by Xbox Just one Rate Cut – #Xboxone #Ps4 #Pcmasterrace”

  1. been playing Insurgency, great game, you should try it. i only got it for $10

  2. Even though I'm a PC gamer, I still loved my Xbox 360 for all the years I've owned it.  It lasted a good while until the RRoD, but Microsoft replaced it for free, so kudos to them for that.  Xbox Live Arcade, great exclusives, achievements, etc.
    So when they were going to release info on the new Xbox during E3 2013, I was actually excited for the news.  But then they revealed the system, and……….
    Really?  This is the next-gen Xbox?  A box that performs less than the cheap gaming PC I made for a friend?  Nope.  I expected better.  And there's really nothing that will convince me to plunk down $400 for a sub-standard Betamax look-alike that can't even play games at 1080p/60fps.

  3. Good video, I think the over all value isn't there for either xbox one, or PS4. The fact they are playing new games this early in their life cycle at 30fps and sub 1080p resolution is a huge disappointment when for the same price point you can build a pc that support 1080p + 60fps.

  4. Not to do with your points at all, but with your freeflow fighting in Arkham Asylum, you should try "striking" while soft-targeting an opponent rather than constantly mashing away and breaking your combos ):

    You'll land more hits and get more experience as a result if you time your strikes and use the movement controls to change targets for your next hit.

  5. If we rewind the clock a generation, the PS3 was stupidly expensive at launch as well. Its inevitable price drop to match the Xbox 360 helped it quite a bit.One thing is certain, a lot of people will be buying consoles for the foreseeable future, and this price drop/match will only aid the XB1s future sales potential.

    With the prices being the same, I'm guessing the next years sales will be entirely based on the outcome of E3 next week. And if there isn't anything overly swaying from either camp, we'll just have another uninspiring console generation (hehe, they all are uninspiring if you're a masterracer :P). I just hope that game developers don't hamper our versions of the games they put out because the consoles wont be able to handle them…

  6. Playing some Bioshock Infinite DLC. Pretty great expansions. Might replay Oblivion after that.

  7. Currently playing Skyrim with ~150 mods and ENB.

  8. Right now I'm playing TF2 because I am a poor fuck with a shitty old computer.

    I am, however, working on a gravity belt—goddammit.

  9. BF4 on ultra 1080p 90-100 FPS.
    Fucking love this N780 Lightning.

  10. I'm playing BF3 right now. I bought it back in November with Premium for $15 and now that there are several 64 player lobbies (thanks to that free download for others), I can play whatever I want on there.

  11. As far as I'm concerned, it's pretty much downhill from here on out with MS. More and more devs are making games for all three of the major operating systems, and while Linux certainly would need time to mature in a "declining Windows" scenario, OSX already has plenty of software besides games, which could sway people towards buying Macs instead of Windows machines. Gamers would probably stick to Linux, though.

    I also made a big-ass post on the PCMR reddit explaining about how PCs are already basically cheaper in the long run for the features you get, without even including games.

  12. I'm playing BF3 and Fistful of Frags.

  13. I am playing Dota 2 and Watch Dogs (came free with a gpu).

  14. Still looking at a PS4 IF, and that is a big IF, if i decide not to dump the $400 into my PC

  15. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls.

  16. Skyrim and Fallout 3, both modded to immersive hell.

  17. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

  18. only 927 participants… I dont see it selling better either but that makes this survey a complete fail.  Check the bottom of the image…

  19. What do you think of Tiled Resources for the xbox one? Do you think it will actually help the xbox one?

  20. Actually I'm quite surprised that someone normally so rational would be taken in by a BS online poll in which they didn't even ask 1000 people. So with millions of gamers out there that weren't asked, and no doubt a bunch of fanboys willing to sabotage it anyway, in the end it's representative of what exactly? Also PC is a better option if you're willing to make the initial investment, and then bend over and submit to online DRM, loss of ownership of your games, and apparently now an insistence that you have to go online to play even a single player campaign. Please bare in mind that some of us weren't willing to do that when MS tried it, and we're still not now.

  21. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

  22. I was suprised they decided to do the kinectless version, since they told people a bunch of times it wasn't gonning to happen. A few of my friends went with the ps4/PC because they didn't think there was going to be a price drop, so yea it seems it was a little late. I'm currently playing Metro 2033. 

  23. Just a tip, just press the buttons in the general direction of the enemy across the hall before attacking. That way you don't just punch the air and ruin your combo.

  24. Anonymous

    2little/3L8 m8. If M$ wants to have its balls back on my chin, they need to drop that shit box down to $249 US shekels.

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